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Not only is another year coming to an end, but we are facing a new decade! Like us at Beyond the stage houses preparing for what the twenties will bring, we wanted to think about the past year and the past decade to highlight some of our favorite moments. As a company, we close our twelfth year in business and as it is said, time passes really quickly when you are having fun!
First, let’s go into 2019 specifically. Beyond the stage houses Our customers have always come first in all of the services we offer, and 2019 was no exception. In fact, we have launched new services and options to continue delivering on our quality promise in everything we do. We introduced short-term rental planning and setup (i.e. Airbnb) as an extension of our design services to meet growing demand and opportunities for short-term rental projects in the Waterloo region. We also introduced Decorating holidays to help reduce the burden of doing this yourself. In addition, we have optionally introduced Staging Risk Management Insurance protection for our staged advertisements. In this way, our customers can ensure that they are fully covered for any damage that may occur when providing items at home and avoid higher premiums from their current insurer.
This year was also a year of milestones, with both Jennifer Roth, Senior Home Stager and Marina Hermann, Assistant to the management, celebrates both 5 years with the Beyond The Stage Homes team, as well Martha Wallace celebrate their first full year with the company! BTSH also welcomed Brooke Burnet to the team (and she will celebrate her 1 year anniversary with the team this month). We are now proud to offer four (4) professional and certified home stagers as employees for the Waterloo region.
With this increased growth, BTSH has committed to additional professional development and training. Therefore, the BTSH team now meets three to four times a month to review internal updates, industry changes and trends, as well as current, past, and upcoming projects. In this way, we can create the best marketing strategies for each house, plan new inventory to keep our design designs relevant to today’s buyers, and ensure that our customers get great results every time. Shauna Lynn, Jennifer and Martha also all attended the annual international meeting of the Home Staging Trade Association Real Estate Staging Association, in beautiful Las Vegas, where Shauna Lynn also acted as speaker for the event. Jennifer and Shauna Lynn extended their stay in Las Vegas so that they could also participate in the Las Vegas Furniture Market, the second largest furniture and decoration fair. Shauna Lynn also visited the High Point Furniture Market in October – this is the largest furniture fair that featured celebrities like Glen Peloso, Hilary Farr, Taylor Spellman and many more!
Shauna Lynn continued her commitment to developing the home staging industry in Canada and was provincial president for Ontario at the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). RESA selected it as one of the 75 most influential companies in the real estate staging sector. She was also nominated for the Lori Kim Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Shauna Lynn is the Ontario-recognized RESA instructor Staging to Sell: What Every Agent Should Know Labeling course and Co-author of a book with LuAnn Nigara, a renowned designer and popular podcast moderator (plus 11 other incredibly talented authors). As an industry influencer, Shauna Lynn traveled to events most of the year to give lectures, sign books, and organize exclusive learning events. It was also seen locally in Homes Plus magazine, at the Small Business Show, and at various live events in the region. Your commitment to Beyond The Stage Homes and your responsibilities as CEO and Lead Home Stager and Designer remain a top priority and we look forward to the coming year (and decade).

The Beyond The Stage Homes team continues to be proud of their accomplishments and has received a record number of awards this year, including the 2019 top choice home staging company in Kitchener / Waterloo and the winner of the Waterloo Region Record Reader Awards for both interior designers as well as Interior Designer Services, Build Real Estate & Property Awards, Best Home Staging & Design Specialist – Southern Ontario, to name a few. We added some new home staging assistants to keep up with our demand, and did an extensive inventory refresh that brought us to the forefront of the market with creative designs for today’s homes. We are proud to continue to be your first choice for self-employed and vacant home staging projects.

BTSH continues to be a proud sponsor of the KW MS Walk by collecting donations for the TeamMS and Volunteer of the Year awards at the event and volunteering to support our time before, during and after the event. This event can help raise funds for the MS Society’s Grand River chapter. As an animal-friendly team, we naturally continued to support the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society by collecting donations throughout the year. Are you cleaning your cabinets (probably on the advice of our home staging team)? Donate your unwanted laundry to your local humane society, and they will make great use of their furry residents!

Where did you see the BTSH team this year? Maybe it was one of the many KWAR events, including the September golf tournament to support Habitat for Humanity, the Mayor Panel, the Market Insights event, or maybe one of the many local brokerage events, including the TrilliumWest golf tournament, Re / max Twin City’s Christmas Party and many other real estate events. BTSH continues to honor and support local real estate agents and the further development of the real estate market in the Waterloo region.

As for the past decade, it is impossible not to think about what it has brought us and where it has taken us. We committed early to owning our own inventory for the house staging. This decision required significant investments not only in the provision of items, but also in storage facilities, a tracking system and the team that brought it all together. We have deliberately grown over the years and have come a long way from Shauna Lynn and her VW Golf, who have worked as her trusted staging assistant for years.

We start every year with the plan to continue growing and to support our local partners. We will continue to reach for the stars and expand our opportunities to serve our community. In the coming months, we will also be introducing a new 4-wheel team member to support our hard-working home staging team. We look forward to everything that the coming year and a new decade have to offer. Many thanks to all of our valued partners for your continued support.

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