Let common sense be your leader Buddhism

No matter what #News you follow today It is always best to trust yourself #common sense

“Don’t believe anything, no matter where you read it or who said it, no matter I said it, unless it is in accordance with your own reason and common sense.” Your own common sense

We all have our own ways in life. We all make decisions we make. Sometimes that separates communities, families and friends.

I think it is important not to be distracted by news, governments or individuals. Who wants to tarnish our judgment or common sense.

I am not a political person, I have never posted anything political on my blog.

BUT my common sense tells me ……. and that’s just my opinion.

1.) I was born and grew up an American, I was once very proud of this statement.

2.) I think the recent drone attack on the Iranian general was a distraction caused by the Trump administration, hoping to get the news media and Democrats off his back and stop impeachment. (Killing someone for their personal benefit must be a crime.) I cannot tolerate this behavior as an American citizen. (Common sense)

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