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JAMB EXPO / Runs | See why you should avoid it completely : Nigerian Education

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How can I get Jamb Expo or Jamb Runs for this year’s Jamb? Are you Expo for JAMB? How can I get or subscribe to Jamb Answers?

The questions above are what most jamb aspirants have been asking lately as the jamb exam is upon us.


I don’t think there is someone who doesn’t know what an expo is, but if there is one I will explain or define what an expo is before I explain why you should look less for posts fair or Running or don’t use at all.

Exam Expo is simply a form of exam misconduct.

By my own definition, Exam Expo is a form of external answering of exam questions that are asked illegally without the advice or knowledge of the examiner.

Why you shouldn’t use Expo or Runs for JAMB

You are here because you want to score high in JAMB. If so, check here how you can go high in JAMB.

Jamb Runs or Expo has worked well in previous exams, particularly during the pencil paper (PPT) exam, where questions are printed on paper and delivered to different centers by the exam headquarters in each state where the exam will take place.

Nowadays the technology has advanced to a different level and the jamb test is now carried out with computers (CBT). A major improvement in curbing misconduct in jamb testing using the CBT process is that no candidate with another candidate closest to him has the exact same question.

The latest development from Jamb is that questions are now asked at every exam session. This means that the candidates who wrote the exam during the morning session will not have the same questions as those who will write during the afternoon session. This also means that even the operators of the CBT centers have no access to the questions of the individual sessions (morning or afternoon) before the exam, since new questions are planned before the exam.

If these Expo or Runs agents who send answers to a candidate during the exam don’t have access to the questions, how can they send you correct answers to questions they haven’t seen?

Since each session has its own questions, how do they have the time to answer all questions and send them to you within 2 hours, even if they have access to the question, what might not be possible due to changes made by JAMB is to ensure that there is less or no exam error.

They were able to access CBT issues last year, but this does not guarantee that they will do so this year. A proverb says: “Struck once, shining twice”. This means that due to technological advances, Jamb may have found out how these races have given men access to previous years’ issues, and may have closed them completely to block access from external sources without their knowledge.

This is why few of the numerous candidates using Jamb Runs or Expo score up to 200 points on JAMB, while others fail and still return next year to buy a different Jamb form because of incorrect answers received wrong questions.

Those who have prepared for the exam always do well because they can see the questions and guess the correct answer from the options, even if they do not know the exact answer to that particular question.
My advice is, even if you are dependent on expo or runs, try to study hard for the exam in case something goes wrong or unexpected.

But if possible, forget about jamb runs or expo and study your books very well.

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