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Read on to find out how much exercise a dog needs each day.
Meet Bailey: an office dog and a pet from Trupanion

It is a new year! And it can be your determination to have a more active lifestyle. That said, it’s a great time to get out and move around with your four-legged friends. In fact, daily physical activity is mentally, physically, and emotionally beneficial for your dog. While you may be ready to take the trail and run the 5 km, is your pet ready and ready for the challenge?

We sat down with J. Marmol, manager of the Trupanion pet program, to answer the question: How much exercise does a dog need each day?

How much exercise does your dog need every day?

Discover how much exercise your dog needs every day and learn some new tips for daily activity.

When it comes to how much exercise your dog needs each day, you may already have guessed the answer: it depends. Every dog ​​is a little bit different, so we will examine how you can determine the right activity for your puppy.

Regardless of whether you have a new puppy or a household with several dogs, exercise is a wonderful way to enrich your pet’s life. Of course, all dogs should live an active lifestyle. Although you want your best friend to be in good physical health, is there an average number of minutes a day it takes to give your furry friend the ultimate well-being? Marmol is dedicated to the popular pet theme:

“That cannot be calculated in a wide range. It is important that all dogs get up and move every day to stay happy and healthy, but it needs to be measured from puppy to puppy. Everyone has different needs. For example, my two pit bull / pit bull mixes. Both have a lot of energy and can run non-stop, but Bailey gets tired much faster than Gary, and we have to call it a day before the exertion. ”

To attempt
Try out different forms of exercise and see what works for your furry friend

Try different activities and new environments to train your dog.
Meet Gary: an office dog and a pet from Trupanion.

Every dog ​​is different and you may need to adjust the fitness program to suit your needs. For example, a 6-month-old puppy may need a different training plan than an adult dog with disease. Try different activities to find out what your best friend likes. You can change them if necessary.

Factors to consider when training
your dog

Whether you have a Dachshund or an English Bulldog, your dog’s breed is just one of the factors to think about when preparing your pet for training. Consider the following list from Marmol.

Also consider whether your dog has health problems and plan accordingly. Although your pet may not be able to do all types of exercises, it can help you choose the options that are best for your furry friend. In addition, a leisurely walk with the dog is a great option for all puppies.

Do certain breeds need more exercise?
than others?

All dog breeds benefit from daily exercise, but one group stands out. Marmol indicates dog breeds that are usually always ready to play and interactive –

“Working races! They need jobs and it’s built into every inch of their being. You may need to train your brain and body and you will need a lot of it. Cattle dogs, border collies, German shepherds, etc. When choosing one of these breeds, you need to make sure that your lifestyle matches the amount of exercise they need. ”

Tips for incorporating exercises
Your dog’s daily routine:

Learn with these important tips how you can integrate exercise into your dog's everyday life.

Are you ready to start a new routine with your best friend? Fortunately, Marmol has some important tips for incorporating exercise into your day.

Daily walks

Perfect time to get your legs going, increase your heart rate and do some training.

Find out what your puppies like

Do you prefer long city walks in your neighborhood? Chasing the ball in
The backyard? Appointments with your siblings or neighbors? Go to the dog
Park? Try different things, never be afraid to swap things.

Diversity keeps them interested and committed

Just like you, your four-legged family members like to try out new things and enjoy them
Things. Consider introducing new activities to educate them.

Start slowly

It can
Take the time to get your pet used to the new activity or schedule
Change, give them time to adjust.

Have fun

Remember to have fun, whether you’re hiking with your dog or playing a game of getting around. Of course, exercise and interaction with your furry family member is a wonderful time to strengthen the human-pet bond.

How much exercise a dog needs each day: it depends on your furry family member

Exercise is a fun way for your dog to learn new skills, exercise energy and connect with you. If you take your puppy’s time to become familiar with the sport and report to your veterinarian, your furry family member looks forward to spending time with you every day.

What is your best friend’s favorite?
Exercise Activity?

Learn more about it
Train your puppy, read Puppy exercise: five
Amazing health benefits

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