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We love the Bay Area – there is so much to do, from cultural and artistic activities to nature, food / wine, adventure and more. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway here, sipping a sip of wine in the Napa and Sonoma valleys, or traveling with kids in tow, there’s plenty to do. We usually report a few family trips to Northern California each year – be sure to read our summer resume. Since we explored San Francisco and Marin during the holidays, we thought we’d be back with some great options that we discovered (and experienced) during the holidays.

San Francisco Love Tours, a great option for family trips

San Francisco love tours

We saw these artists psychedelic Search delivery van San Francisco for a while and always wanted to experience one of them tour, Because who doesn’t want to be in one of them? America Favorite and most beautiful towns In a van that thinks of flower children, peace, love and freedom?

San Francisco love Tours offers you a unique experience with yours San Francisco Tours. At the love Tours, they are enthusiastic about our belief in the principles of peace, love, Freedom and adventure and your to hope by the trip is an enthusiastic and authentic one to offer path experience the beautiful city-to-bay, All your tour are infused with that ghost of 1960s,

The epic and legendary VW hippie buses are equipped with neon blue seats, pearl curtains and a continuous pimple carpet, making for a great optical feast for the eyes during the tour. Locals run the tours, who are great storytellers and passionate about sharing the best of San Francisco based on their own experience and point of view. Because the vans are much smaller than traditional coaches, you can explore smaller, unique, and artful streets that you wouldn’t otherwise have – and the tour includes inspiring locations that have captivated famous writers, musicians, poets, and more.

Since we wanted to take pictures (and pictures of the creative transporters ourselves) during the day, we did not opt ​​for an evening tour, although they offer day and night tours. And because we were on a voyage of discovery during Christmas, they had a Holiday Lights tour of San Francisco! The Holiday Lights Tours start a day after Thanksgiving and last until December. If you’re in the Bay Area on vacation in 2020, give it a try. The Holiday Lights Tour includes Tom & Jerry’s House, Lombard Street, City Hall Lights, Bay Bridge Lights, Polk Street, Legendary Castro, Embarcadero Lights, Macy’s Holiday Display on Union Square, The Palace of Fine Arts and Fisherman’s Wharf.

The San Francisco Love Tours were founded by the Allan and Roberto Graves brothers, who grew up in the heart of San Francisco and wanted to give the 1960s and 1970s Volkswagen the feeling of being on tour with family and close friends. The vans are a tribute to San Francisco’s hippie history – with orange-colored pimples, colorful bead curtains in the door and hand-painted murals on the outside.

Your VW Hippie buses can accommodate up to six people at the same time, making them perfect for families or small groupsps if you want the van for you. They take slightly different routes, but the nice thing is that they include some of the most interesting things to see in San Francisco – from some places (below) you have a wide view of the Golden Gate Bridge and drive to Fort Mason and past the beautiful Presidio This is a 1,500 hectare park on a former military post. It offers breathtaking forest areas, miles of hiking trails, a golf course and picturesque views.

You’ll also be guided along Lombard’s infamous crooked street, the city’s historic hippie sections – Haight and Ashbury Street – and of course along the picturesque Embarcadero.

We also had to go through an old fortress that had amazing shots of the Golden Gate Bridge.


San Francisco love tours

Pickup is from the following address: 2899 Hyde Street

San Francisco, CA.

visit your website for more and to book.

Walt Disney Family Museum

Previously, he was an active army base and from 1846 to 1994 the strongest coastal defense on the Pacific coast Presidio is at home now The Walt Disney Family Museum, As a California Historic landmark since 1933 and National historical landmark since 1962 Presidio now also serves as national park, The hotel is located at 122 Riley Avenue, the Diane Disney Miller Exhibition Hall accommodated everyone museumTurns, Major exhibitions since November 2012. It has been dedicated and renamed to March 2014 in memory of the museumis founder and Walt Disney Daughter, Diane Disney miller,

The Walt Disney Museum above and below

The main building gives you a comprehensive story of Walt Disney’s life – how he started, inspiration and other brilliant creative designers he worked with to develop a variety of characters, from Mickey Mouse and Minnie to Goofy, Tigger and all Your childhood favorites. Original drawings, films, photos and awards are shown.

Below are original black and white pictures of Walt Disney and others with whom he worked at the time.

There is also a Hollywood section for this chapter in Disney’s life.

Original cameras from the 1930s are also on display.

One of the things we loved about this experience was the feeling of magic as you walked through the exhibits. Disney often spoke of magic and delivered it again and again.

They also have an area where you can practice drawing Mickey Mouse with handouts to show children (and adults) how to draw America’s most popular mouse.

You can also see how Mickey Mouse has visually changed over the years.

The exhibitions change and offer something new inspiration the whole time. While we were there in December, the Walt Disney Family Museum had at the fair Mickey Mouse: From Walt to the world, a celebration of the most popular and recognizable character of animation. This original exhibition records Mickey’s influence on art and entertainment over the past nine decades and tells the story of its origins, its rise to fame, and its worldwide appeal to Walt Disney inspiring, parallel story, of course.

It is curated by the legendary animator Andreas DejaIn collaboration with co-curator Michael Labrie, more than 400 objects are shown, including rare and unprecedented original sketches, character models and concept graphics as well as nostalgic goods, vintage photographs, and a diversity from Mickey’s earliest and youngest briefly animated Movies.

For the pop artists of the late 1950s and 1960s, Mickey embodied the culture of the time. By doing exhibitionThere are works by celebrities Artists such as Andy Warhol. Gottfried Helnwein, and Wayne Thiebaudas well as other contemporary works by Tennessee Loveless, Lorelay Bove, Eric Robison and the San Francisco-based wall painter Sirron Norris, It is part of the museumIs the 10th anniversary and runs until February 17, 2020.

Also issued while we were there A powerful force: tackling homelessness with art features the original artwork created by young people who experience homelessness. The title of the exhibition was inspired by the feelings that Walt Disney himself expressed: “This feeling of close human relationships and its impact on our mutual fate are very soothing and inspiring – a powerful force to overcome the hard breaks that most of us will experience from time to time.”

A powerful force offers artwork created by homeless teenagers with three partner organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area: Raphael House, Larkin Street Project, and Youth Spirit Artworks. These nonprofits strive to help vulnerable youth and their families gain independence by offering career-building skills, educational programs, and secure housing. Bravo Bravo!

An exhibition showing Walt Disney Studios and World War II is on its way, starting in May 2020 and lasting until January 2021.


Walt Disney Family Museum

104 Montgomery Street in the Presidio

San Francisco, CA 94129


visit your website for hours and more details.

GoCar Tours

We have also wanted to experience GoCar Tours for some time. They advertise themselves as the first GPS-guided touring car in the world to kidnap you in a unique way adventure through the streets of some of the most amazing in the world towns, Yup, San Francisco is not the only one city operate them. San DiegoBarcelona Bordeaux. Monterey and Lisbon are just a few of the others towns You are currently supporting.

They have two San Francisco pickup locations – one on Beach Street near the Embarcadero and the other on Union Square. We picked up two cars on Beach Street and asked them to set our GPS intercom for a one-hour tour. Even though we had the cars all afternoon, you can choose which type of tour you want and this will automatically guide you along the route. If you get off the route (accidentally or on purpose), you’ll need to look at an old-fashioned map (provided by them) or a digital map to get back to the original route. As soon as you do this, the guided voice starts again.

Above and below: the pick-up location on Beach Street in San Francisco

Our guided tour took us along the Embarcadero and then up to the Presidio and the Golden Gate Bridge before we circled back – we made a few detours. I love the shops and cafes on Chestnut Street, so we parked here, got a coffee and checked out some of the quaint shops here. What is nice is that the cars are so small that finding a parking space is not a problem – they can fit in places that normal cars (even small ones) cannot. This makes it a perfect option for sightseeing in a densely populated city.

The GoCars work a bit like a motorcycle, which means that you can also park it in a motorcycle parking space. You can’t drive the GoCar on the Golden Gate Bridge or the freeway, but you probably don’t want to leave the city due to its size and the fact that the cars can’t drive that fast. Honestly, you don’t want them to do it – part of the charm of the cars is that you can slow down and because of their lowness, you can see things as if you were on a bike or even walking.

Before you set off, they will make you a Helmut and show you a short video in which the security aspects of the GoCars and their operation, i.e. H. Turning on, parking, etc. are explained. There is no reverse gear with the GoCars. So if you want to go backwards, you have to get out of the car and push it back. This is easy as long as you are not on a very high hill in San Francisco.

Bottom line: they are fun and a great way to see a city. And it’s nice not to have to think about research in advance or to consult a guide while driving around town. During the tour you will learn what is historically interesting. For example, if you pass the school that OJ Simpson attended, you will be informed like a physical tour guide.

Your tailor-made courier You too many of one cityThe city’s most recognizable landmarks that take you through colorful, vibrant neighborhoods and past breathtaking views as you tell the rich stories that can be found on every corner. You can choose to do it see the city from a local’s perspective or choose your own path and adventure if you want.

They offer both full day trips and short trips. Each car fits two people, so we needed two for four people see All sights. Most of them have no hood, so it’s not a good option when it rains. However, we saw that they had a couple of roofed GoCars. Before booking, ask what you can do online or by phone. Important note that we did not recognize in advance: your car insurance does not cover you with a GoCar, as this is considered more than a motorcycle than a car – you have to choose the insurance offered – if you refuse, you will Put $ 500 on yours Credit card for security reasons only in case there is one accident,

Easy on return check and you can get started. If we did it again, we would probably deviate from them Union Square Place that is a little less hectic to get in and out of. My other suggestion is to avoid public holidays and book them for a weekday instead of a weekend. It’s a great thing if you’re traveling as a family – the kids will love it.

An additional resource for all things San Francisco is SF Travel – be sure Visit their website for other good ideas. #sftravel, #AlwaysSF


GoCar Tours

Union Square & Beach Street

San Francisco CA 94133


visit your website for more and how to book.


Note: We have been hosted by vendors, but all opinions expressed are our own.

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