Thomas Kidd on the great awakening, the founding fathers and the definition of evangelicalism Theology

This episode is a conversation with Dr. Thomas Kidd from Baylor University. We discuss how to become a scholar (2:50), the great awakening (9:50), the belief (?) Of the founding fathers of America (14:40), how to define “evangelical” (27:17) and more , Buy Tommy’s books,

The grammar of the church is presented by B & H Academic and the Standard Christian Bible, Intro music: Purple Dinosaur by Nobigdyl. Episode Sponsor: Speak for the unborn, Producer: Katie Larson.

Brandon D. Smith is Assistant Professor of Theology and New Testament to the Cedarville University, Chief editor for the Baptist Renewal Center, and writes things, Speaking of Cedarville, check out ours Master of Divinity and Master of Service Programs.

*** This podcast was developed to discuss all kinds of topics from different angles. Therefore, the views of the guests do not always reflect the views of the host, his church or his institution.

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