The two-week Declutter – a little life : TINY HOUSE

Dissolving and ultimately living a small life was the trigger for the change and improvement of my entire life. “

Interference suppression was the first step to: ⁠
“I save $ 30,000 for the down payment in my little house.”
“I’m quitting my damn job and starting my own business.”
“Travel to places I only saw on TV.”
“Reduce my carbon footprint and my trust in” things “to make me happy.”

To help others take the first step towards a happier life, I have Two-week Declutter email course, For every day within 14 days you will receive an email from me with a decryption task. These tasks range from disappointing your closet and kitchen to disappointing your duties and your mind. ⁠

There is no forum, no login and no complicated B.S. This is a simple email course where you can focus on the important work of cleaning up your home

Next week I’ll offer the course at an introductory price of $ 27. This is less than the price of a target impulse purchase. I offer it at this price against the advice of a business coach because I understand what it’s like not to have a lot of money but still need the help of a professional. I will increase the price from next week. “

When you’re ready to make changes, Click here, If you hesitate or have any questions, send me an email or ask in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Let us make 2020 our happiest year yet!

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