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“Scheduled sack” of the lecturers worries ASUP Bida : Nigerian Education


The College of Polytechnic Bida Chapter (ASUP) has expressed concern over an alleged management plan to fire some of its members.

On Tuesday, members of the teachers’ union marched on the streets of Bida, south of the Nigerian capital, to express their displeasure.

The faculty protested in front of the Etsu Nupe palace in Bida, Nigeria, and said they would occupy the palace until the royal father was in crisis, which shook the institution.

The demonstrators saw signs with inscriptions such as “Dzukogi has to go”, “we are not intimidated”, “we refuse to be released”, “the proper procedure must be followed” and so on.

Dr. Umar Saganuwon, chairman of the ASUP, said at the Etsu Nupe Palace that the Union had given the monarch Dr. Yahaya Abubakar should ask to intervene to save the community from what they consider to be the greed and impunity of the Rector Dr. Abubakar denote Abdul Dzukogi.

“Dzukogi is finally planning to fire some employees for allegedly disobeying his order, despite members being on strike for whom he has circulated a memo entitled” No Work No Pay “,” he said.

It was learned that lecturers were given references to the principal’s plans to fire all the deans, HODs, and other people on Tuesday night that they claimed should intimidate them.

The ASUP chairman said the union has also protested many injustices that have affected their institution. The rector added that the Etsu Nupe should intervene to protect the community from impunity.

It should be remembered that the union fought the rector, accusing him of hiring around 600 employees without promoting vacancies and without any federal character considerations.

The union accused the rector of mismanaging the facility’s finances and called on the federal government to send an investigative body to the facility.

The Etsu Nupe, Abubakar, who turned to the demonstrators, called for calm and patience and found that the questions and problems raised were being addressed.

School officials were unavailable at the time of submitting this report because no calls were received at the time of reporting.

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