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How to make money as a successful student – 10 tips to help students cope with the hassle of university life:

Nowadays, students are broke most of the time unless they come from a rich family. The majority of them want some money in their pocket that they can spend when they feel the need to shorten the lives of their stressful students. They have to have fun with their friends, go to the cinema, have dinner, have lunch and much more. To get to this point, they need to start a part-time job that is usually very difficult to reconcile with their full school schedule. After doing some research and also seeing some opportunities to make money as a student, I would like to give you 10 tips on how to find time to make money as a busy student:

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1. Try to be a minimalist:

A minimalist is a person who has made the decision to only live with what he needs and focuses his spending only on what makes him really happy. For example: I don’t think a student needs a television, a computer is a must because it can do very little freelance work with software like Microsoft Office, Photoshop and others. In other words, a computer, bed and desk are all you need in your room. Spending what makes a student happy means saving, investing and spending. Do your research on how to become a minimalist on Google.

2. Store and sell all of your junks:

As I understand it, and to tell the truth, this tip is not about making money because making money is all about profit. I call it capital raising, yes capital raising from your junks and your mistakes. A smart student should think entrepreneurially and never cling to something that doesn’t make him money. You have 2 phones, sell one and open a savings account. Too many clothes, liquidate them. Every cent is good money for a student.

3. Start investing:

I know you should be wondering how I can invest. I am a broke student! Well, from tip 2 I think you just opened a savings account with pennies, right? Then let’s get these pennies up and running. Do you have a computer? You must! Then invest in surfing the Internet and doing research on how to make money. This is the first investment. Good investments do not always make a return immediately and sometimes learning can become a lifelong income.

4. Look for a part-time job:

Successful students have to use themselves as a service or product because they have very little capital and need to invest in improving their current skills or learning new ones. Marketing jobs are easy to get and give you a lot of flexibility with your schedule. These jobs should not last longer than 2 hours a day and 20 hours a week. You can split it up into 3 days if you have the time. Basically, the students have the opportunity to use their free time to market themselves and earn additional money.

5. Start a buy and sell transaction:

Have you ever heard of buying and selling high business? Yes, you heard me right! It is still profitable today to find the right product to sell with the small capital you have raised. Pick a product that you can quickly turn around and don’t buy anything that you can’t sell in less than 3 days. Try to find as many places as possible where you can advertise and market your product. Social media is a good place to start, then there are classified websites and communities that are available online. Most cities in the world have their own classified websites, google the one closest to you. You must find one for sure. You can also try running flea markets and pop-up shops or selling them at trade shows.

6. Teach in your free time:

Every student has something to teach because they are students, right? It makes sense to look for the skills that others do not have and teach them for a reasonable fee. Do not be expensive, you are still a student, earn money quickly and enjoy your studies. Teaching 6 hours a week should go well with your busy study life, which will be another benefit for you.

7. It’s all about revenue and timing:

It became clear to me that Mother Nature only pays us for the amount of time we put into work. Do you remember this catchy and popular phrase that looks like a Bible verse, the more you work, the more you get paid? TIME IS MONEY! Yes, time is money and the more time you invest in the work, the greater the chance of increasing your sales. The timing is everything. To make money, students need to know how to use their free time to increase their earnings. You have to learn to explain your free time as if you were counting your money.

8. Learn and master other languages ​​in a short time:

This is one of my favorite tips when I learn and master another trend language. Learning a new language opens doors for more opportunities, promotes your résumé and sets you apart from competition on the job market. It also helps you to be smart because bilingualism helps you improve your learning and thinking skills. The provision of translation services and teaching is also one of the many advantages of learning new languages.

9. Start attending seminars and learn short skills and professions:

Seminars are a great way to get up mentally and spiritually, they are a perfect network environment and get you to get to know people with the same interest: spiritual seminars, entrepreneurship and market fairs are recommended for every student who wants to learn something about new products and ideas , It is also recommended to learn short skills, e.g. B. Computer repairs, cell phone repairs, Photoshop, video editing, marketing, web design and much more.

10. Think about starting a start-up:

Well, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, did it. So why not? Research about entrepreneurship and startups in your area, form a team, exchange ideas and dare to bring them to life. This will be a fun and surprising experience. It is primarily a long-term investment that may surprise you in the near future. You need to do a lot of research on entrepreneurship and follow a few mentors who have done this in the past.


With all of this, I have come to the conclusion that if you read all of these tips, you will understand that making money on the side is not that exciting. It’s about making money quickly and quickly to survive the daily struggle. These 10 tips are designed to help you understand how to add value while you are still at school. If you follow all of these tips, most students should learn the importance of being patient and building entrepreneurial habits before preparing for business and work. You can apply all of these principles after graduation and get your dream job.

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