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Today we want to share a story from Freshome Reader Nathanwho expanded his driveway to better accommodate two cars:

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This is my house on google images. Look at how the cars are squeezed … and on the lawn. It is not pretty.

Single driveways can be a real problem when there are multiple drivers in one household. We had this type of driveway for over three years, and in order to park side by side, we ended up having to squeeze our cars onto grass and tree roots. I tried to put some gravel down, but it wasn’t the solution we needed. All we wanted was to be able to park two cars side by side and keep the road away from our vehicles – we decided to pull the trigger and extend our driveway.

Step 1: find a company

The first thing I had to do was find out what types of companies would do the job. I called one of my contractors and he told me that anyone who made cement would likely be able to help with my entry (and this time he was right). Then I did what most people do these days – I went online. I filled out some leads on websites like HomeAdvisor, but was never contacted. I was only contacted by local companies that I found on Google.

Step 2: get offers

The next step was to have the companies come to my home and give me a quote. Because I work full time, the guys called me during the process instead of having me physically with me. I explained what I wanted and they could make offers.

I received two offers – one for $ 4,500 and one for $ 5,375. Both were higher than I wanted to pay. When I drove home from work shortly afterwards, I was standing behind a truck with a large sign that reads “Torres Cement – Driveways etc.” and a phone number. I thought “what the hell” and gave the guy a call. In short, they gave me an estimate of $ 2,500 and we had a deal.

Step 3: complete plans

These companies are usually fully booked well in advance, but it was the holidays and we weren’t in a hurry, so we decided to start the first week of January. But before anything could start I had to talk to my neighbor because he had a tree with roots in my garden and under my driveway. To extend the driveway, these roots had to go. Fortunately, he wasn’t worried, so we had the green light to get started. Sorting and other preparatory work for the driveway extension only took a day.

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Roots that appeared

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After the 1st day

When I got home from work on the first day, my neighbor, who used to work in classification, was concerned that we would have to install a retaining wall because of the slope of his yard. The contractor and I tried to convince him that the problem could be solved with a different foot or slope, but he was convinced that this was not the case.

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I called (after consulting the boss – my wife) to set up the wall, which cost another $ 1,000. In the next picture you can see what I am talking about. Although I wished I had known this before, none of the other quotes mentioned a wall, and Cruz, the cement type, was helpful in finding a solution.

We chose gray stones for the wall. The cement was poured, the wall was built and the project was completed at the end of the second day. The only downside was that we couldn’t drive on the new sidewalk for three days.

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All in all, we are very happy with the project. My wife and I can park side by side and no one has to park in the grass (which often turns into mud) and in the roots.

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Cars easily parked!

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