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As someone who is in her early 30s and still single, I had a lot of first dates! I don’t hate them either. It’s fun to meet someone without high expectations. In this current dating culture, first dates are usually pretty quick. A drink, a coffee, nothing crazy. Regardless of how you got to know each other, a first date is still a bit stressful. You definitely want to put the part on and leave a good first impression. While you feel well and confident in the right outfit.

What to wear on the first date

You definitely want to measure your first date based on the mood of the selected location. Is it more casual? Will you go for a walk outside Or is it more elegant than a nice lobby bar? There are so many different types of first dates you can think about the outfit of your choice. Here are a few ideas!

Date of happy hour after work

A relaxed, casual date that requires little effort in terms of outfit. If you both think it’s a post-work happy hour date, you can definitely show up in your work clothes and not worry about looking anything but office-friendly. If you want, you can exchange your blazer for a fun leather jacket or bring a sexy heel. As long as you BOTH know it’s a Post 9-5 date, you shouldn’t stress too much here. Below are some favorite looks that are suitable for the office and are also great for a transition to a first date.

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Cocktail date

A cocktail date, whether during the week or at the weekend, can still be a little more casual. But definitely a little more! I personally prefer this type of date over everything else. You can commit to one drink and drink another if things go well. And for me, I like getting there early so that I can have a little drink to get rid of any restlessness on the first date. You can also take a break with a drink. Once you are done, this is also the date.

I like to keep things casual, but slightly elevated. I always have to be jeans. But wear your favorite sole so you feel good. I usually wear jeans and a nicer top. Just add a boot or a simple heel. For autumn and winter I like to put on a great jacket like a suede moto, leather or a fashionable blazer. If you are a clothing person, this is also a great option, but not required if it is not your thing.

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Coffee Date

You may or may not like a coffee date. I’m not a big fan because I have a little fluid courage on the first date. But if you drink coffee, you can definitely be more informal. Funny sneakers or booties, jeans and a graphic t-shirt with a jacket are perfect. I also love a good thick sweater and high waisted jeans with booties. Choose a flowing summer dress and sandal for the summer. A denim skirt and sandals with a tank is great too. Simple, casual and yet composed. I feel like a coffee date is just my cocktail date outfit, but more casual. Swap the heels for sneakers or ankle boots, add a denim jacket to the dress, and so on. Here are a few outfit ideas!

for fall
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for spring and summer
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movie date

Movies are super casual and I like to be comfortable! These deckchairs are the best, aren’t they? I always wear jeans, tea and sneakers at every cinema date. You can swap sneakers for ankle boots, loafers, or any apartment you prefer. Bring a sweater or cardigan as the cinemas tend to be cold. I’m a big fan of a third piece to put together an outfit no matter how casual it is. And cardigans, sweaters or light jackets make it perfect!

Formal dinner

To be honest, if someone asked me for dinner for the first time that I hadn’t met before, I would say hard no. BUT if you know this person or you have already met them and this is how the first date came about, try it. A fancy dinner date is always fun, isn’t it? For a nicer dinner, choose a pretty cocktail dress or nicer dark jeans with a silky blouse, blazer and stiletto. It’s a timeless look in my book.

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How do I choose my first date outfit?

When planning your outfit for the first date, there are a few things to consider. The weather, the activity and what makes you look and feel good. Here are a few things to consider before going out for your next date!

Do you look at the weather and location, indoors or outdoors?

Are you planning to sit on a terrace and eat a margarita? Or go for a walk? Or do you post in the chic bar of your favorite restaurant? All of these things play with what you want to wear on your first date. You definitely want to feel good and leave a good first impression. So think about these things. If you’re out in the heat, you might choose a flowing cotton dress so you can handle the sweat! If you are at home in a restaurant, you can bring a light jacket.

Think about the activity

I love a good activity date. Whether you’re playing bowling, walking in a fun part of town, or playing darts at the bar, think about what to do and whether to choose comfortable clothes.

I will never forget to have a date with a guy I saw who was totally cut off. He wanted it to be a surprise and I had no idea what we were doing. I even asked what to wear and he said something nice but nothing crazy. Men, they don’t understand how to explain these things. I went with a casual but nicer mini dress and some high heels. Nice, but not too nice! Still a hint of casual, but showed just enough skin for a fun date. It became a casual cooking class and I basically looked like an escort. It was embarrasing. Everyone else wore jeans and sneakers to get their hands dirty and cook! I dumped him that night.

However, morally speaking, you should know the expectations of the clothes when planning your date outfit so that you don’t feel like an idiot!

And don’t forget, just show enough skin

If it’s not your thing to show some skin, that’s fine. But if it is, do it! You can feel sexy and confident and show parts of your body that you are proud of. Did you kill it at the gym to get these Michelle Obama weapons? Show them off, girls! Or do you have great long legs, put on a mini skirt. This does no harm if you feel safe and comfortable in your skin.

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