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I’m not going to lie, it’s my first winter in NYC and I’m soooo over the cold! I feel like I’ve been wearing the same black winter coat, jeans, and boots for weeks! I recently decided it was time to put some pizza back in my winter wardrobe, so I took off my favorite leopard coat from last season. It changed my day completely. Sounds dramatic, but you will be amazed at what it is fabulous coat can do for your mind !!!

The perfect leopard coat

Why do I think is * this * certain coat the perfect leopard coat? I’ve owned several Leopard print coats in the past, but I just can’t get enough of it. Firstly, I like the slim fit, it’s not too bulky, so you can wear it in the fall and spring. It is warm and made of a super soft material. And the leopard print is ultra-classic, so it doesn’t look cheap. Leopard print can often look CHEAP. Not this one! It’s a best seller for a reason! For your information: I recommend reducing the size as it is approximately one size larger. PS If you live in a place with warm weather, be sure to look into it dark version, I love PPS too this!

Imitation leather leggings

I combined my coat with this BOMB Imitation leather leggings, Yes, I just used the word BOMB because they are just so good, lol! I was looking for a good one Faux leather legging for years and these look 100% REAL and expensive. They feel soooo luxurious and have a side zip that you can barely see. They don’t stretch, have a medium waist, are cut short, normal or large and are true to size (I’m wearing size 2 here). Plus, they’re under $ 100!

Slim black booties

I have worked with Sarah Flint in the past and her shoes are really as comfortable as people say. You sent this to me black booty from their fall / winter collection and I really love them. I found that they are about half a size, so I recommend shrinking half to a full size. I think it’s great that the heel is high enough to wear it for a formal dinner, but I can also walk around the city for miles. The gold zippers on both sides are a really elegant touch!

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