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San Diego beats poets

San Diego poets are wet gutter snipers

Pot shots with reckless wealth and missing ages

From the street corners and side streets of our prematurely gray dementia.

San Diego poets throw lines like fishing reels

Screaming curses on angels in heels while

Humming blues sounds to the damned under our breaths.

San Diego poets spit surreal gimmicks into tapes of unfolding images

This rain rained like bright miserable confetti

Against an empty horizon of empty compassion.

San Diego poets glide their wild, horsehair arches

About strings that sing

Over a psychedelic landscape of gradually deteriorating human condition

You and I are not blind instruments of self-immolation.

We don’t have to sit in the middle of the fire to make it our home.

We can play our songs on sad violins

And dance in the rain to drown our worries of greater uncertainty in the ocean.

San Diego poets press our runny nose against

The aching windows of poorly lit coffee shops and smart bookstores,

Hosting poetry readings for those cared for;

Those who were brought up only in the blind arrogance of their own judgments.

San Diego poets never have enough money to buy you a drink

But you won’t regret it –

– When you’re ready to spare the change you need to make
– to make your tomorrow a little better.

San Diego poets litter the streets with our rattling mini typewriters

Sales of the doomsday fire to tourists and

Exemption for those who are still persecuted by carnivorous ambitions and

The climate of fear that tries to masquerade as survival.

San Diego poets are all clowns, fools and charlatans

We enjoy ourselves on the ragged streets of the cold hangover twilight

As we bounce around and dance through the mediocre circus that pervades us.

San Diego poets roam like hummingbirds

I am looking for warmer areas and warm compassion.

We blur our wings all the way to get there.

© Igor Goldkind, January 2020

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