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According to a new study, LinkedIn is growing faster than expected report from the research company eMarketer. In 2019, the number of monthly adult users in the U.S. grew 8.8% year over year – versus eMarketer Previous Estimation of just over 7%. The new numbers are based on updated member data from the parent company Microsoft and other sources.

Despite faster growth forecast for 2019, eMarketer is forecasting a slowdown in user growth in the coming years. EMarketer predicts that U.S. users will grow 6.2% to 62.1 million this year and reach 68.8 million by 2022.

LinkedIn users in the U.S., 2018-2022

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LinkedIn According to eMarketer, the share of social network users in the United States is around a third. This number will remain largely the same as for other social platforms, and their user base will also be expanded. For businesses on LinkedIn, however, user growth can mean an increase in ad performance and engagement for content. Microsoft’s own network has continuously expanded ad functionality in recent years, including new targeting and format options.

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  • The new numbers are based on updated member data from parent company Microsoft and other sources, eMarketer said.
  • EMarketer estimates are from US 18+ users who access LinkedIn at least once a month from any device.
  • eMarketer reports that LinkedIn will generate $ 1.59 billion in advertising revenue in 2020, a further 11.2 percent growth to $ 1.77 billion in 2021.

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