How to re-establish the connection to your partner Marriage Counseling

Does life feel like it’s in the way of your marriage? Is there a gap between you and your spouse? If you can answer yes to these questions, you need to know first. This is often the case and can be remedied. Your marriage is worth it – find out how to reconnect with your partner and prioritize your relationship.

8 important tips for reconnecting with your partner for a happy everyday life

Dating, falling in love and planning your wedding is all fun and essential milestones in your relationship. You start a new life with your partner – everything is new, exciting and you feel more connected than ever! But what if you start building a life with your spouse? Every day is a new springboard for the path you and your partner take together. But what happens when the stones are falling in different directions? How do you re-establish the connection to your partner and in this case continue to move forward?

With all the love and good intentions in marriage, there can still be a separation and an imbalance in the priorities of the relationship. Are you experiencing this right now?

Let’s get you and your loved ones back on track.

# 1 Spend intentional and valuable time together

You can see your spouse every day. But how many moments are spent without a phone or in passing, or without talking about children or work? Life is busy, but shouldn’t be in the way of your marriage.

TIPPING: Take time every day – even if it’s only 15 minutes – to spend some time with your partner. Enjoy a dinner together, have a coffee or make an appointment. You and your partner feel refreshed and strengthened.

# 2 Communicate often and listen carefully

Communication is critical to repairing, maintaining, or promoting the connection between you and your spouse. It is very important to deliberately and consciously make sure that your loved ones know what you think and how you are doing. Practice listening to understanding rather than listening to answer. This can be a long way to make a real connection with your partner and understand where they are.

TIPPING: Being present in your relationship is essential.

# 3 Check in regularly

Just as you would with your children or maybe colleagues, you should check in with your spouse regularly – even daily. Ask them what their day was like and then give them an insight into your day. Ask your partner if he needs something or if you can do something for him. Let them know when you will be home later or what your schedule for the week will be, and then ask about theirs.

TIPPING: A small and uncomplicated check-in with your spouse can ensure that you feel involved and know what the other’s life is like.

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# 4 Make plans and decisions together

Many arguments and frustrations can be traced back to plans and decisions that were made without consultation between couples. I am sure that you have experienced this. Nobody is expected to ask their spouse about any plan or decision. However, you and your spouse must have regular opportunities to attend. When creating evening or weekend plans, you can make sure that you feel both on board and comfortable by speaking to your partner before confirming them.

TIPPING: Critical decisions such as finances or involving your children should always be made together. Even if you work together every now and then about what is on the menu for dinner, you can strengthen your team.

# 5 Set external relationship limits

If you have other meaningful relationships outside of your marriage, they must not take precedence over your marriage. It is important to be there for your friends and family when they need you. However, if they regularly affect your spouse’s plans or affect quality time, it can have a negative impact. Intentionally limit the number of times people come to your home and be sure to honor prior commitments with your partner.

TIPPING: Neither of you should experience external pressure or competition for the time within your marriage.

# 6 Stop scorekeeping

It can be too easy to make budgetary decisions based on who did what last. Scorekeeping like this is not necessarily helpful for both of you. Even if you did the dishes last night, your spouse may not be able to take responsibility today.

TIPPING: You can feel supported by coordinating the tasks that your partner can reasonably take on and offering to fill them in if necessary. Your spouse will appreciate that you take care of their needs and work with them as a team so that they can ease as needed.

# 7 Offer encouragement

We could all use words of encouragement regularly to keep going. Positive words from you are exactly what your loved one wants to hear. Let your spouse know what you value about them.

TIPPING: Encourage their strengths. And when they fail or stall, they offer invigorating words and helpful insights. With encouragement, you and your partner can gather strength – both personally and as a couple.

# 8 Seek professional therapy

Professional therapy is an incredibly useful tool to learn how to reconnect with your partner and prioritize your marriage. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what is required to repair and heal your marriage.

TIPPING: If you speak to a professional and experienced therapist, you will receive comprehensive insights and support so that you can develop together and positively.

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