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Let’s face it, the biggest disadvantage when traveling is how expensive it can be. All in all, airline tickets, accommodation, general expenses, and fun money at the end of a trip can turn into a huge bill.

But what if I tell you that there is a way to travel for free? And even if it’s not completely free, it’s extremely cheap. All it takes is a bit of courage and a bit of sacrifice, but let me just say it’s definitely worth it if you end up in places you only dreamed of.

I personally used many of these methods to save money on the go! And since I was able to save so much, especially on the accommodation, I have a lot more freedom to travel longer and to deal with the things that I would most like to do.

Here are our top tips on how to travel around the world for free.

House sit or pet sit around the world

Woman sitting on couch feeding small white dog

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to travel for free is to sit at home or sit with pets.

No matter where you travel, the accommodation will usually be your biggest expense. Even hostels can get very expensive if you are traveling to a western country or looking for an extended stay. Sit house is the best way to get around without paying an arm and a leg for accommodation – and let’s face it, someone’s house is probably much nicer than a dorm bed anyway.

Most people do not necessarily need a babysitter, but they are much more likely to choose one when traveling if they have a fur baby at home that needs grooming. So if you love animals this is a double win for you because in the end you can have a home to stay in and a pet to take care of.

Check out platforms that can help you connect with people looking for property managers. A good option is TrustedHousesitters, which gives travelers the opportunity to exchange pet care for accommodation. With an annual TrustedHousesitters membership, you can pay practically nothing for accommodation on the go!

Surf the couch

If you don’t mind sharing a room with others, couch surfing is a great way to stay with locals. Simply create a couch surfing account and find a couch in your desired location – there are sofas almost everywhere in the world!

I personally met some great people in couch surfing who offered me comfortable and safe accommodation and showed me a new country. I’ve always had to share the room with others, but in my opinion it’s definitely a step away from the hostels – and it’s completely FREE!

Teach English Abroad

Room full of students being taught by the teacher in front of the room

If you are looking for Earn money while travelingTeaching English is the way to go and many jobs involve accommodation and a scholarship. Many of my friends who teach in Thailand were given comfortable apartments that came with the job, so they didn’t have to worry about looking for accommodation or paying for it themselves.

It is surprisingly easy to become an English teacher abroad, especially if you have native English. Often you only need a TEFL certification that is recognized worldwide. Teaching is also a great opportunity for cultural exchange and offers the opportunity to connect with the local population on a deeper level.

So improve your grammar skills … Foreign schools are calling!

Become an au pair

If you like children but teaching is not really your thing, becoming an au pair is an ideal job for you. Basically, an au pair is a fancy term for a family nanny who is there to help with childcare and things around the house.

Every family is different when it comes to what they ask of their au pair. But usually accommodation and meals are included, sometimes even a small scholarship! This means that you can live and eat for free and then explore the country where you are at your leisure.

People are looking for au pairs all over the world, so make your choice from places like New Zealand, China, France, Switzerland, Spain and beyond!

Work on a farm or as a volunteer

Person feeds small animals from the hand

Do you love getting your hands dirty? Then WWOOFing is just the thing for you!

Worldwide opportunities for organic farms (also known as WWOOF) give travelers the opportunity to trade workers for accommodation and meals around the world. If you’re traveling and have little cash, you can sign up to work on an organic farm, stay for free, and move on when you’re ready.

Since you work on an organic farm, the food has to be good too, right?

If working in the dirt is not really your thing, there are plenty of opportunities for volunteers to give you free accommodation and meals in exchange for your time. For example, I had several friends who worked in orphanages around the world and had free accommodation, delicious food, and cute children to look after during their stay. Workaway is a great place to look for opportunities like this!

Become a flight attendant

If high flight costs are your main concern, you can work as a flight attendant at any time. It’s not as easy or quick as the other methods in this list, but once you become one, you will be emailing around the world in no time.

In addition, flight attendants generally receive free stays everywhere (even if they only travel overnight), money for meals and flights that they can earn money with whenever they want! In addition, you also earn a pretty good salary.

If you’re really looking for life on the street (or rather in the sky), this is the best way to travel for free – and you don’t even need a university degree.

Work on a cruise ship

People dining on a cruise ship with water in front of the window at golden hour

Another way to travel the world is by the sea, and those who work on cruise ships do well when it comes to the goals they are reaching.

It may not always be glamorous to work on board a cruise ship, but you do get a place to sleep, eat, and also a salary. If the ship stops at different ports, you can disembark and explore a new location before you call the next one. Not bad what?

Since cruise ships are basically small towns at sea, there are jobs for just about everyone: bartenders, waiters, cleaning staff, entertainers, personal trainers, babysitters, cleaners and more!

Earn miles and points against free travel

If the fare actually hampers your trip, earn airline miles.

It may take a while to get tired of it, but at some point you can fly for free. Sign up for a frequent flyer program and try to fly primarily with this airline to earn as many miles as possible. Yes, it will cost you some money in advance, but it’s definitely worth it if you start your free flight or business class upgrade again.

It’s also a good idea to sign up for a credit card that will help you easily collect points that can be redeemed for travel and hotels. In addition, many frequent flyer programs and credit card companies have hotels where you can also spend the night to earn points.

If you spend the money anyway, you can be rewarded for it. A combination of these methods gives you free flights, free hotel nights, and a number of other benefits. What more can you ask for?

Do you believe me now when I say that it is possible to travel for free? It’s not always easy and not always fun, but it’s definitely worth it if you see more of the world than you thought possible.

One of the biggest advantages of cheap travel Get in touch with locals in a way you wouldn’t otherwise have. No matter if you live with someone at home or on the couch, work in a local school or on a farm or care for children internationally, you have the opportunity to get a unique and intimate insight into local life and to gain new experiences the world.

Try these methods and find out which ones are best for you.

Do you have a free travel option that we haven’t mentioned? Spread the love and drop a comment below! Happy trails!

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