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what to eat this week

This week we have incredibly high, unusual temperatures! While I’m not complaining, I’ve changed our menu slightly because it’s just not cold and snowy.

Here’s a good mix of menus for this crazy season – I hope you find inspiration!

what to eat this week

Start the week off with a no-fail recipe: these Korean chicken dishes. They are the best! You can prepare most of it in advance, the taste is incredible and the leftovers are fantastic.

What needs to be prepared in advance?: the chicken + the rice!

We usually eat some kind of fish every week and although I often use salmon, I have so many other delicious recipes! Try this breaded sea bass with pistachio butter – it’s incredible. Texture and taste! You can serve it with Sicilian cauliflower, one of my favorite sites ever.

What needs to be prepared in advance? Pistachio butter and tomato jam if you want it for the cauliflower.

I have breakfast in my back pocket for dinner once a week. While it often only means eggs and something to it (a quick potato hash, waffles or bacon, etc.), I sometimes switch it over and make an actual recipe, like this sheet of pan of sweet potato hash! It takes almost 45 minutes in total, but most of the time is free while you wait for the potatoes to be roasted. Pro tip: You can also throw in any other vegetables you have.

P.S. There is a Instagram’s step-by-step story of it saved in my highlights,

I would also put these halloumi hummus bowls on the menu this week. They come together quickly and are always a hit. And if you have a big meat eater in your house like me, you can also throw some Korean chicken leftovers on it.

What needs to be prepared in advance? the couscous.

If you have time next weekend, I highly recommend trying my pizza with white shell sauce. OH MY GOD. It’s so good – and it’s like a little taste of summer in the middle of winter.

Try this chia pudding made from vanilla bean blood oranges for breakfast, as we are currently in the full citrus season! And today I plan to prepare a batch of my favorite egg salad for the coming week. It stays well in the fridge for about 3 days.

what to eat this week

What’s on your menu this week ?!

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