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In 2014, two patients who had complications after Byron Brown, MD surgery sued the doctor for malpractice. Patients were awarded $ 3.1 million, but the awards were not paid because Dr. ,

The patients then filed a lawsuit with the Laurens County (S.C.) Health Care System and its successor, Greenville Health System, because Dr. Brown had privileges for medical personnel in the hospital. The patients claimed that the hospital violated the admission contract when it failed to ensure that Dr.

The court granted the hospital’s motion for a summary of the verdict. In the appeal, the court upheld the decision.

The Court of Appeals held The hospital has no contractual or tortious act to ensure that Dr. The court ruled that no language in the license agreement requires Dr. Brown has malpractice insurance to cover his claims. The court also refused to recognize the theory of hospital negligence, a doctrine that places hospitals under a duty of care because of their responsibility for patient safety and well-being.

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