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Every sexual act – from erotic conversations to erotic touches – is a journey in yourself and in your partner. It is a continuous exploration of sensations, eroticism and love. Every relationship is a vessel that embodies security and adventure in a commitment that offers the greatest luxury of life: time.

Marriage is not the end of romance. It is the beginning! You have years to deepen your connection, experiment and even fail and start over.

The phases of eroticism in a relationship are a story with many chapters that both partners write together and unfold continuously. There is always a road that we have not traveled, always something about our partners that still has to be discovered.

Modern Yin and Yang relationship

Modern relationships are the melting pot of conflicting feelings: security and transcendence. The security of love and the fire of passion. Controlling both the tame and the erotic part of a relationship is a delicate balancing act that most couples occasionally achieve at best.

Because erotic intensity increases and decreases and sometimes the desire disappears.

With sufficient attention, couples can bring the passion back. Because love requires you to know your partner while recognizing their constant secret. Love is about creating security while remaining open to the unknown. Eroticism requires an active discussion and willpower of both partners.

Consciously engaging in eroticism is an ongoing resistance to the message that marriage is serious. that it’s more work than play. This passion is an immature feeling for young people. Complaining about sexual boredom is easy and common, but maintaining eroticism is an act of open defiance.

Erotic touchThe feeling of passion floods the early days of a relationship. Every word, every look and every touch makes our skin tingle. In this way we get together naturally. But as soon as this captivating rush of desire subsides, many of us leave the romantic hotel and concentrate on other things without realizing that we are the ones who need to clean up after ourselves. Make the bed of love. Our little desire to cook a hearty meal of sexual fulfillment.

Happy couple secrets

Happy couples understand that sex is a never ending playground of exploration and excitement.

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One of the largest playgrounds in the human body is our skin. With over 22 square miles of land, our bodies have evolved to be petted. To be touched and felt. Being held. Erotic touches promote closeness and nervousness. As a man, I went from the lips to the tits to the vagina without touching anything else.

But when I started to explore my partner’s entire body, I noticed that she had a very sensitive spot on her left leg just above her knee. When I kissed parts of her lower back, she moved delightedly. And when she explored my body, I discovered new sensations that I had never felt before. Some stains that I loved and others made me feel uncomfortable because they were so sensitive.

It was exciting. Creepy. Exciting and sexy.

I want to offer you the same kind of trip. an exploration of the other’s erotic nature. To explore the vast universe of your partner’s skin.

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The path to heart-pounding, breathtaking and passionate lovemaking requires a little heart-to-heart conversation with the one we love. Every honest conversation you can have about sex improves your relationship in bed and outdoors – here are the 6 types of conversations that strengthen the relationship that intentional couples have.

And here are 13 erotic and touch talks to help you discover each other’s bodies:

Erotic talk for couples (both partners)

  1. How does it feel when i touch you Do I feel fast and strong? Or slow and gentle? How am I supposed to touch you differently?
  2. What is your favorite kind of foreplay? What kind of foreplay kills your arousal? Is there any part of the foreplay you want to work on?
  3. Some partners say that their lover fails to touch them in some favorite places. Is that true for us? What are some of your favorite places?
  4. Would it be helpful if I asked what you want and need?

Questions for women to answer erotic touches

  1. Many women feel that they cannot ask for a non-sexual physical affection such as cuddling, holding on, or touching without feeling erotic. How do you feel about it
  2. Most women wish that a warm touch did not lead to sexual expectations. Is that true for us? Do you want more variety and openness?
  3. How do you feel when I touch your clit by hand? Does that turn you on? Is there a way to do it better?
  4. Do you like it when i twist my fingers in you? Is there a way I could improve it?
  5. Is penetration as important as clitoral stimulation? What do you prefer? Or do you like to mix things up? In what subtle ways could you inform me red-handed?
  6. Do you feel embarrassed when you ask me for clitoral stimulation? If so, what can I do to make it easier for you? I want to please you as much as possible.

Questions to men about erotic touches

  1. Many men want their partners to pay more attention to their penis. Do you wish i would
  2. What do you feel when I stimulate you with my hand? Does it work for you Is it too tight Too soft? How could it be better?
  3. How do you feel when I get aroused by touching your penis?

If you start with these announcements about erotic touches and conversations, you will get to know your partner and yourself on a completely new level.

Enjoy your journey to the mysterious land of erotic touch.

-Kyle Benson

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