Today’s GK questions (static GK / GS) – January 7, 2020 General knowledge

Here are 10 GK questions for today, January 7, 2020, for various selection exams in India.

1. In which state is the Mrugavani National Park (MNP) located?

[A] Chattisgarh
[B] Karnataka
[C] Tamil Nadu
[D] Telangana

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Second Where is Tobacco Board’s headquarters located?

[A] Secunderabad
[B] Guntur
[C] Belgaum
[D] Gadag

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Third Which of the following countries has the largest share of global mangrove areas?

[A] Indonesia
[B] Brazil
[C] Mexico
[D] Australia

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4th Which of the following places in India decides on the interest rate of the savings banks?

[A] Central government
[B] Banks themselves
[C] Reserve Bank of India
[D] commercial banks

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5th Which of the following computers was India’s first teraflop supercomputer?

[A] PARAM 10000
[B] PARAM Yuva
[C] PARAM Padma
[D] PARAM 9000 / ss

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6th Note the following statements about non-banking finance institutions (NBFCs):

  1. NBFCs can also conduct microfinance activities.
  2. Real estate finance companies form a separate sub-group of NBFCs.
  3. The deposit guarantee scheme of the deposit guarantee and credit guarantee company is not available to NBFC depositors.

Which of the above statements is / are incorrect?

[A] Only 1
[B] 1 and 3
[C] All of them
[D] None of them

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7th Which of the following is isocyanic acid?


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8th. Which of the following was the first woman to go into space?

[A] Valentina Tereshkova
[B] Sally Ride
[C] Liu Yang
[D] Sunita Williams

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9th Optical waveguide works according to which of the following lighting principles?

[A] total reflection
[B] diffraction
[C] refraction
[D] Consideration

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10th How many times can a person be elected President of India?

[A] No bar
[B] once
[C] Twice
[D] 3 times

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