How beer is led to victory in a spiritual battle Spirtuality

It doesn’t matter wherever you go in the world, or a particular culture or religion, it’s a truth that Spirits love alcohol,

In every spiritual practice, alcohol is used as a source not only for feeding but also for invocation. Well, some people who like to drink or think alcohol is fun can read this post and laugh. You can even say, “Of course! Who doesn’t like beer / rum / whiskey / wine? “

And to think that way would be simply that you are your human self and do not understand spirituality from the depths. Alcohol, however, in terms of noun |
A mind or being without a physical form. “Class =” glossaryLink “> non-physical being, has nothing to do with the taste, smell or even enthusiasm you get from it. As I wrote before, everything has to do with energy, created realities (individual or collective ), Symbolism and of course ritual.

In our everyday social life, beer is enjoyed by those who like it (and who love it excessively) and while I am not going to penetrate the depths of the realm in which it is located energy I give you some insights into the power of beer from what alcohol gives off and how it affects people and their spirituality.

There was a time when I had a very hard spiritual fight with a woman who had chosen me as her enemy. I was younger chronologically and spiritually. These were times when I just finished my noun ɪˌnɪˌeɪʃɪˈn /
the act of taking someone into a secret or dark company or group, typically with a ritual; spiritual process of ‘rebirth’. “class =” glossaryLink “> Initiation into Spirituality. At the time, I had no idea that the fight was orchestrated by the universe as part of my initiation (or training). The opponent was one of my spiritual teachers, although encased in human form.

She terrorized and plagued my life noun | oh · bee · ah | A name that is derived from Jamaican patois and denotes a spiritual practice that is often used for negative results against others, but can also be used for positive results. Other similar words (practices) are juju. voodoo. Witchcraft, local doctors, etc. It is the manipulation of energy with physical tools and incantations for a desired effect. It is a mysterious and unstructured form of spiritual practice, as practitioners often do not have specific spirits / gods / beings that are designed to perform the Obeah work.

“class =” glossaryLink “> obeah, and I’m not ashamed to say that I was scared in these times. I cried almost every day. The fight was so difficult.

Sometimes I sat in my house (at that point I was given the gift of seeing and hearing spiritually) and a skunk ran past me and through my front door. I screamed and jumped into my chair, startled, while my children looked at me in confusion. As far as everyone knew, there was no skunk, but I saw it.

In obeah that means a blowthe manifestation of a spiritual attack.

At other times I saw rats, big market rats, pounding against the glass door of my porch and the guts opening … but again it was just me who saw it.

But there was a certain night when I was just praying about the attack this woman had sent. I fell asleep in my living room chair, exhausted from fear and worry. A woman in lush green, tall and striking, beautiful to look at, pressed her face close to my face. She told me to have bottles of red streaked beer around me, but never put it on ice.

At that time, my apartment was on the third floor of a three-family house, and my balcony was connected to my living room, which faced the street. I had started to learn to trust ghosts and those little visions that I would get every now and then. And when I woke up, the next day I bought two boxes of hot red stripe beer.

It was as if the woman who had given me the message had prepared me for the next night.

Around 3:00 am I was assaulted by non-physical beings who looked like dwarfs or dwarf ghosts. While I was sleeping I could see through my door and three of them went through the door. I could see them lifting me off the bed as if they wanted to carry me away. It all seemed like a dream, but when I slept and saw what was happening to my body, I started to respond by making muffled sounds and doing my best to wake up and get my mind back into my body.

The fight felt like sleep paralysis, but I finally woke up and immediately jumped up and prayed. To my surprise, I saw the three creatures running through the door instead of disappearing as expected. I still wonder why.

I wasted no time running into my kitchen, fetching a crate of beer, running to my balcony, and throwing every bottle into the yard and onto the street. They fell hard and sounded like shots. pow, pow, pow, pow, pow!

The ghost had taken me over and for a moment I didn’t know each other. The street was quiet and lonely, so I can imagine that my neighbors feared they thought they were gunshots (which was unusual in our neighborhood). As expected, this attack should happen twice more, and each time the beer became my magnum.

After a week when things finally calmed down, I found out that the enemy had an accident and her leg broke.

I was alone for a while and their attacks had stopped. I can’t help but attribute all of these events to the beer I used to retaliate after an attack.

After a while I realized Why The beer was used and why did I have to break it that way.

  1. What does it mean? – A broken bottle, especially one that is thrown into a fight, stands not only for war, but also for blood. If a person throws a beer, this broken bottle can harm whoever catches it or who steps on the bottle. So spiritually this means that the liquid that is the beer AIDS the spiritual powers that you send after the enemy. The energy of the spilled beer helps feed your own spirits, which help fight both the physical and the non-physical opponent. The beer itself, broken, is a signal to your own spirits that this is a war and you need it to fight on your behalf. So not only are you paying your mind with the essence of the beer, but the broken glass is a symbolic message that this is a fight and you need soldiers. Nobody can doubt that throwing bottles in a fight can lead to your defense or victory.

The ingredients that make up the beer are all spiritual. Barley, hops, water, etc. This is all that spiritual people use in many of their rituals. Not to mention the colour the beer, which is often dark in color (the color has a significant meaning in any liqueur when it comes to spirits). That is spiritual language. It creates a darker force, a warrior force that supports your defense.

Think about it the next time you take a long sip of cold beer.

  1. Hot beer – Well, that’s another puzzle. This stands for the fact that war is never cool (especially not spiritual). War is hot and brings warmth.
  2. The beer crashing – Even if the beer is thrown as I did, the clay POW! Summons other near and far warriors and sends a message to the enemy that you are not afraid. Think of it as returning shots that are fired.

What I’ve written here is current, I usually reserve depth for my classes. However …

Here are some things beer is good for:

1. Remove negativity from your home or business

If you suspect that someone has done something to keep your business or home from the prosperity of your love life, get a hot beer without being ashamed (and with as much strength as you can muster) and plunge In the yard or at the door from your place of business. Do you care if it’s Wall Street? However, this should be done in odd numbers. You choose the amount. Let yourself be guided by your own mind.

2. After contact with the law

If you have ever been to prison or a district or have had any contact with the police or security services, wash your body with a bottle of hot beer as soon as you get home. It is a fact, If the police touch you once, it will happen again. This can be broken by washing your body with a bottle of beer. The dark energy of the police and the court follows people when it is not broken. One way to break the chain is to use a bottle of beer.

3. Bring someone home safely

If you ever worry about a family member coming home alone at night, just put a bottle of beer on the counter and say, “I offer this beer to the main spirit
Non-physical beings who help everyone on their journey to earth from transition from birth to death. “Class =” glossaryLink “> Guide (insert person’s name). Bring them home safely.“

When the person comes home safely, open the beer and leave it overnight. The next day you can dispose of it or put it on your noun | al · tahr |
A decorated room dedicated to the worship and worship of the ancestors. There is also a room for your personal non-physical to visit and give blessings whenever they wish. It is also seen as a “place of power” or “portal” where you can connect with all of the divine.
Here are some contributions to ‘Altar’.

  1. Your spiritual altar 2. Food for spirits 3. The importance of your sacred space

“class =” glossaryLink “> altar if you have one.

4. Remove negative energy

If you have negative energy that feels heavy and dark, use beer with rock salt to remove it. Pour the beer into an enamel basin (Not Plastic), with a handful of brand new rock salt (Not Table salt), add some water, add some small change (don’t count the small change), add the beer (any amount between 1 and 7, but choose an odd number) and pray about the solution, no matter which religion you belong to or whatever you are believe in.

Wash your body and make sure your head gets wet! If this is not the case, the effect is not the same. If you have to, take a shower In front You don’t do this spiritual bath afterwards. Do not wipe. Air dry instead. You will probably smell like a bar, but you won’t feel like it 😉

5. Holy beer for the ancestors (and spiritual bath)

Add a bottle of unopened beer to your spiritual altar. The altar is there to keep your ancestral spirits busy when you visit your home. It is a sacred space in your home and many things can be placed there that are sacred to you. One of them should be a bottle of beer, preferably one in a darker bottle. Use a bottle, not a can. This is important because the bottle that will be there unopened over time is being charged or, let me say, is dedicated. So if you ever need to take a spiritual bath to cleanse yourself, this bottle is the perfect ingredient for this ritual.

PS: Never leave an empty beer bottle in the house. Without many people noticing, this can lead to war or insight disputes. Of course there is noun
metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that examines the essence of a thing. This includes questions of being, becoming, persisting, existence and reality.[1] The word “metaphysics” comes from the Greek and literally means “beyond nature”. “Nature” in this sense refers to the nature of a thing, such as its cause and purpose. Metaphysics then examines questions of a thing that go beyond questions of its nature, in particular its nature or qualities of being. Metaphysics tries to answer the following questions “appropriately abstract and general”:[2]

  1. What Is there?
  2. And what is that to like?

Topics of the metaphysical investigation are existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect as well as possibility.
Source: Wikipedia“class =” glossaryLink “> metaphysics
behind it too, but I reserve that for another time.

That’s all for now folks

Obara Meji

PPS: Someone reminds me to write about the spirituality of rice!

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