How to postpone your new favorite thing! Scandinavian

I can hear you laughing at your computer. Yes I know. You think so, right! I can’t wait to interrupt my life with endless shows, lie awake at night and wonder if I can sell or lose money at a good price, find a new house that I like and that I can afford Pack a million boxes, move a million boxes, unpack and don’t know where the hell something has been for months! Yes!! I can not wait any longer!

OK, well, let’s change our minds. How about? I can’t wait to sell my house quickly and for more than expected move into the cool new house I found and make it my perfect dream home! It will be so much better than my last house and I will have a little more money from the sale to fix it just right! When I’m done there won’t be a place in the world I would prefer to be! Yes!! Bring it on!

Now I can’t help you find your new home, but I can help you with everyone else! OK HOW?

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