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You may never have thought of it, but when you sell your home you should. This is the first way a potential buyer sees your home through the eye of a camera lens.

The MLS photo is small, but covers an entire room. What will the buyer see in this photo?

Will they see your things? Your eyes wander to the cupboards where they don’t have to be.


Or is the buyer’s eye on your beautiful granite?


Will their eyes jump from frills to frills … and wonder what the thing in the corner is? Or are you wondering how you could possibly accommodate enough people in the room?



These are not photos on which all new beautiful furniture has been placed. These photos use what you have, but make it look better by editing and using your items differently.

Other things to ask yourself:

1. Will you look at the photos online and have no idea what the architectural features are?

2. Will you see a formal dining room that can accommodate your family for Thanksgiving, or a small table with 4 chairs, because that’s all you need to sit at the table?

Plan-354233_640 In MLS photos, they do not capture the size of a room. And many don’t take the time to look at the dimensions of the room, but for many it wouldn’t really matter anyway. A 12×13 room may not mean much more than a 15×17 room to them, and they don’t take the time to plan it at this point.

So photos are important! If in doubt, take a picture of your room with your phone and take a look at it. What do you see? Where do your eyes land first? Hopefully they’ll end up on the best side of the room.

By the way … Photos taken with a phone or iPad should not be the photos on MLS. Professional real estate photos only please. Yes … it depends again! blonde-1503202_640

If you need help to keep your home in top selling condition for these professional photos, hire a trained and certified home stager.

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