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This rating is very important to me. I was originally given this magical serum by Shweta Vijay, who first introduced me to this product. As I write this review, I am on my third bottle of this luxurious facial serum from Myoho – Pure By Priyanka. This luxurious serum, if I call it luxurious, is really a gem of a product. Applies velvety smooth to the skin. Glow Serum is an effective formula with Kumkumadi oil and is especially suitable for matt, pigmented, damaged skin.

All you need is a few drops and work your way into your skin by gently massaging with upward movements. You literally feel like you are applying velvety silk to your face. It feels so smooth that it just disappears on your skin, leaving the visible area glowing and hydrated. It smells so divine. The pure sandalwood smell is ours of the world. Within a few days you will notice a visible difference on your skin. It gives your face and neck shine and radiance.

Serum is made from natural plant extracts that help tighten and lighten the skin. It revitalizes your skin and drastically reduces your dark spots, pigments, etc., making you shine immediately. Works best with dry to normal combination skin


Vit E, honey, yeast glycol, Vit C, glycerin, kumkumadi oil, indica flower extracts, wheat germ oil and sandalwood extracts.

The packaging is a bit heavy. It is a milk glass bottle with a pump. Two different sizes are available. 30 ml retail for 850 INR and 60 ml retail for 1650 INR. I bought the small bottle for the first time. Now I have the big bottle because I know I need it every day.

I also noticed a slight change in smell due to sandalwood. There is nothing to worry about. Depending on the sandalwood concentration. It differs a little from bottle to bottle. That is the real beauty of handmade natural product. With regular use, you can rely on the quality and results. Many of my friends and family members were interested in this product.

The main ingredients in this gloss serum are sandalwood oil, yeast, indica flower extract, glycol and vitamin E, which penetrate your skin in no time and provide your skin with moisture from the inside. With regular use, you may find that it minimizes the appearance of pores and the skin glows again, especially after pregnancy, when most women tend to look dull. This is one of the key products that I can never stop buying. I use this in conjunction with Nalpamaradi and Kumkumadi Thailam. It works wonders !! Definitely the best-selling product of the brand.

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