Tropical Party Printables Perfect for a simple, beautiful party Party

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Inside: Beautiful tropical party printables set. This printable set with flamingos, palm leaves and hibiscus flowers for instant download brings the tropics to your home.

The set contains food labels, water labels, chocolate bar packaging and cupcake attachments. Everything you need to make sure the tropical party decorations are simple, light, and inexpensive.

Tropical Party Printables Set

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Buy this Tropical Party Printables Set NOW

Whether you’re hosting a tropical, Hawaiian or flamingo party, this printable party set is perfect for you.

The great thing about the printouts is that everything is ready for an instant party. You don’t have to spend forever developing your party decor once the theme has been put together for you.

Complement the facility with some tropical leaves and some pretty tropical balloons and you have everything you need to create a stunning tropical party.

I used this printable set at my daughter’s 8th birthday party but you can easily use it for a baby shower, bridal shower, or any birthday party.

With a few simple printouts that you can download right away, you can easily host a party that looks amazing.

Tropical party printables kit

This tropical party print set includes everything you need to ensure a complete party decor.

You will find the following

  • Water bottle labels
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Food tent labels
  • Candy bar wrappers
  • Party invitation

Buy this Tropical Party Printables Set NOW

Tropical water bottle stickers

These tropical water bottle labels will undoubtedly help brighten up a room. I love that about water bottle labels. They are a simple yet so effective party supply. It’s really easy to bring a topic to life with this label.

The labels are designed to show “Happy Birthday”. However, you also get labels with an empty center on which you can easily write children’s names if you wish.

This is ideal to help the kids keep track of their bottles and make sure that no more bottles are open and only a few sips of water are taken!

Tropical water bottle labels

Each label has a size of 7.5 x 23 cm. To make your bottles look tropical, peel off the existing water label and print it on matte photo paper. The labels can easily be attached with a double-sided adhesive tape.

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Tropical cake topper

This adorable set of tropical cupcake toppers is perfect for simple party decorations. They can be used as a cupcake topper or as a topping for any food on the table.

These labels can also be used as party tags by simply attaching them to party bags.

If you want to use it as a cupcake topper, you can easily create it after printing. Once cut out, add them to a cake pop stick with a small piece of tape on the back.

tropical cake topper

Each cupcake topper has a size of 5 cm in diameter. Print it on matte photo paperbefore you attach the Cake Pop Stick.

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Tropical food labels

Each party print set must contain food labels, and this tropical party print set contains 4 food labels.

Food labels are perfect for several reasons.

  1. The labels provide additional fun when naming the food at the table. For example, you could have “Flamingo Fruit” for fruit sticks or “Pineapple Donuts” for donuts with a printable pineapple on top. Maybe you could even make pineapple macarons. Regardless of how you name your food, these buffet labels make it a lot easier and a lot more fun.
  2. If you have someone attending the party who has an allergy, using food labels is a great way to let people know what they’re eating. Do you need some plates that are gluten or milk free? Write this on the labels so that everyone will notice.

Tropical Food Tent Labels

There are 4 designs and each label has a size of 10 x 5 cm (approx. 4 x 2 inches) when folded. Print out the labels and write down the descriptions that apply to you.

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Tropical chocolate bar packaging

Finally, the Tropical Party Printables package contains the indispensable chocolate bar packaging. Why is it important? You can’t have a party without a candy bar, can you? Not in our chocolate house anyway!

I like chocolate bars at parties. They’re a great way to create a simple themed dinner on the table, but they’re also great for giving out party gifts when the kids go.

These tropical candy bar packs are available in TWO designs and TWO sizes.

One design reads “happy birthday” while the other simply reads “thanks for coming”.

Tropical Candy Bar Wrapper

The two sizes available are as follows:

  1. Suitable for Hershey bars in standard size (size 13.5 cm x 13 cm).
  2. Suitable for Cadbury Furry Friends bars (15 g), size 11 x 11 cm.

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There you have it. A beautiful set of tropical party prints that bring your party to life. All you have to do is download the PDF files, print them conveniently from home and set them up at the party if necessary. It’s super easy.

Then get yourself some pretty balloons, create a simple and CHEAP party backdrop behind the dining table and you’re ready to go. ON tropical garland (or two) would be the perfect compliment to the prints and would bring the entire party decor to life.

Tropical Party Printables Package

Buy this Tropical Party Printables Set NOW

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