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As you read this, you probably like so many of us: you want to be a dedicated and informed participant in the upcoming Golden Globes celebrations. But seriously, who has the time to actually watch all (or really EVERYONE) of the roughly 7.2 trillion films, shows and “limited series” that will be recognized this year?

Enter our practical guide to the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. We have selected the most important names, shows, films and factoids and summarized them in an easy-to-remember format that you can use for any occasion – from conversations in the kitchen at work to getting to know your Cinephiles siblings who are your crush with them annual award ceremony impress.

So so:

Brief review: In this way, you can bluff by talking about something as if you saw it – think of important twists, memorable moments, etc. – but vaguely said, “Oh, I’m involved in so many cultural activities that I have no place in my brain for little things like character names.

Keyword: The one liner you need when you discuss something that makes you seem very, very up to date … even if most of the culture you’ve consumed in the past six months is repetitions of top chef,

Funny fact: Will someone lift your cover by expressing your opinion on a particular detail? Distract them with this treat!

Let’s go!

Brief review: The actor was the critically acclaimed director whose second film, Little womanhas two nominations. The real drama? Many chose Gerwig as the facilitator for a nomination for best director, but she didn’t grab one … and no other woman. #GlobesSoMale

Keyword: “Deprived of patriarchy.”

Funny fact: Gerwig was pregnant with her son Harold Little woman but hid her condition from the entire cast because she didn’t want it to be a distraction.

# 2 The Irishman

Brief review: A Netflix original about a gangster thinking about his life as a criminal. Martin Scorsese directed with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. in principle Goodfellas but they’re old It’s the second most nominated film of the night.

Keyword: “Awards season catnip.”

Funny fact: This film was shot in 117 different locations – mainly in New York City and Long Island.

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# 3 Saoirse Ronan

Brief review: Nominated for Best Actress in a Feature Film (Drama Category) for her portrayal of Jo March in Little woman, I love you forever, Winona, but … Saoirse somehow killed it.

Keyword: “The millennial Meryl Streep.”

Funny fact: “SER-sha” is pronounced.

# 4 Knife out

Brief review: A Whodunnit with an A-list cast. A crime novelist (Canada’s Christopher Plumber) is murdered, and Daniel Craig – also known as Hot Mr. Poirot – is there to uncover the family secrets behind his death.

Keyword: “A modern reef over Agatha Christie.”

Funny fact: Chris Evans wears a traditional Irish Aran knit sweater in the film that became so viral that he even got one for his real dog.

# 5 parasite

Brief review: This South Korean thriller is probably the liveliest of the foreign film nominees. It’s a dark, twisted story of the parasitic relationship between two families – one rich and one poor.

Keyword: “The film equivalent of BTS.”

Funny fact: Many, many memes have emerged from this film – the most notable of which is “Jessica Jingle”.

# 6 Michelle Williams

Brief review: Michelle is nominated for best actress in a limited series or movie for television. The nomination for her work lies with Gwen Verdon, the off- and on-stage partner of the legendary choreographer Bob Fosse. After all, that’s Michelle Williams, so it’s very, very intense.

Keyword: “Jazz hands!”

Funny fact: Michelle has just dropped a double bomb: Not only is she engaged (just a few months after she announced her separation from someone else), she’s expecting too! Oh, and understand that: your new husband was your director for Fosse / Verdon,

# 7 Kieran Culkin

Brief review: He is the best actor in a television series in which he plays Roman Roy succession, If you’re not yet addicted, this is a family drama in which he plays the strangely sympathetic but definitely sociopathic younger son of a clan who has a media empire and is based on the real Murdochs.

Keyword:dynasty but with journalism. “

Funny fact: Why, yes, he’s Macaulay’s little brother!

# 8 Meryl Streep

Brief review: Buddy, if you are so deep under a culture rock that we have to explain who it is, you are probably too far away to be able to help you.

Keyword: “SYMBOL.”

Funny fact: Meryl has just broken her own record for most Golden Globe nominations! This one to continue playing skin-crawling Mary Louise Big little liesis her 34th and could be her 9th win.

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# 9 The Kominsky method

Brief review: A kind of buddy comedy-but-sad about an aging acting coach and his longtime agent and best friend. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin stars.

Keyword: “A portrait of the aging masculinity” (see review in the Guardian).

Funny fact: This show was created by Chuck Lorre, the person in charge Three and a half men. The big Bang Theory and other crimes against human dignity.

# 10 Motherless Brooklyn

Brief review: Sounds like the name of a painfully hip coffee shop in Bushwick, but it’s actually a neo-noir thriller set in the 1950s, in which a man tries to solve the murder of his only friend with Tourette’s attempts.

Keyword: “Shock nomination.”

Funny fact: This has been nominated in the top scoring category, which was a little surprising – especially since it comes at the expense of snubbing as you would imagine it would be surreptitious advertising war of stars and Jojo Rabbit,

# 11 “spirit”

Brief review: It is the song of Beyoncé The Lion King Live-action remake!

Keyword: “So much better than Taylor Swift’s song for cats, “

Funny fact: This song was originally intended for the end credits, but Beyoncé and her co-authors did such a great job that a place was found in the film.

# 12 Ramy

Brief review: A Hulu dramedy about an American millennial Muslim just trying to figure out life.

Keyword: “Available from Crave in Canada, but you must sign up for the Starz package.”

Funny fact: Egyptian-American comedian Ramy Youssef plays the title character, and no, you get no points for the fact that the show contains autobiographical elements.

# 13 game of Thrones

Brief review: Hey, do you remember this show about the dragons and kings and the incestuous families? It used to rule the Golden Globes, but it only got one nomination for last season.

Keyword: “The winter is over.”

Funny fact: So who has this lonely man? Kit Harington, for the best actor. Congratulations, Jon Snow, but we all know if anyone deserves recognition this season, it’s Emilia Clarke.

# 14 Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

Brief review: See # 8.

Keyword: “BFFs 4eva.”

Funny fact: People * will * try to create a drama from the fact that these two real buddies are both nominated in the same category The morning showand we will refuse to give oxygen.

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# 15 Once upon a time in Hollywood

Brief review: A former leading actor (Leo DiCaprio) is out and about in the Hollywood Hills with his aging stunt double (Brad Pitt). To be clear: this is not a documentary.

Keyword: “Based on the real story of the Manson family murders.”

Funny fact: This is the first Quentin Tarantino film that was not made with Harvey Weinstein.

# 16 Marriage history

Brief review: Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson divorce.

Keyword: “I want Laura Dern to negotiate my agreement.”

Funny fact: This film was directed by Greta Gerwig’s husband Noah Baumbach.

# 17 Awkwafina

Brief review: Crazy rich Asians was just warming up Awkwafina for The good bye, her main role debut, for which she received a nomination for best actress. If you haven’t had the pleasure, it’s a nice story about a family saying goodbye to their matriarch.

Keyword: “98% on rotten tomatoes, boys!”

Funny fact: The film is based on a story about the death of director Lulu Wang’s grandmother, in which she participated This American life in 2016.

# 18 bomb

Brief review: A fictional representation of the real overthrow of the men in power at Fox News by the women who accused them of sexual misconduct.

Keyword: “Media is too important to me.”

Funny fact: Despite an all-star cast (Charlize! Margot! Nicole!) And Globe nominations, this film was – excuse me – a box office bomb that took up less than half of its $ 32 million budget.

# 19 Jennifer Lopez

Brief review: Jennifer Lopez is named best actress for her work. She plays a stripper who brings her customers to the cleaning women Hustlers,

Keyword: “It is no Maids in Manhattan, but it is okay.”

Funny fact: It’s been 21 years since Jennifer was last nominated for the Golden Globe selena,

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# 20 The wonderful woman Maisel

Brief review: This prime show continues its hot phase and is about a housewife who wants to make it as a stand in the 1950s. America got even more Golden Globe noms in season two.

Keyword: “These costumes, tho.”

Funny fact: This show was created by the same people who made it Gilmore GirlsFor this reason, you get the same mile-per-minute banter and pop culture references just about 20 seconds after they jump past you.

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