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Here are four ways to design a coffee table that impresses your potential buyers. (Computer graphics)

Source: Architectural Digest | Smart

Placing objects on a coffee table is an art that can be easily mastered. Experiment with the four options in this infographic. Ultimately, it depends on the effect you want to achieve to inspire a potential buyer that this is their home. The message from the coffee table should be representative of the lifestyle in which a home buyer can live.

1. BASICS – Add one or two stacks of large books (coffee table books). Let the books take center stage. You can find these beautiful, large books in thrift stores and when browsing locally. Sprinkle small accent pieces around the books. Place a flower vase on the coffee table to focus on the table.

2. ENTERTAINMENT – Place an elegant tray on the coffee table and place an attractive water carafe with glasses on the tray. Since you rarely have anything to eat when shoppers visit a house, expose small, unusually designed bowls that indicate that they could be used for snacks. Place a game of chess or a card game on the table to give the impression that the house is preparing to entertain family and / or guests.

3. ATTENTION CENTER – Start with a statement piece such as a large bowl or sculpture (a sculpture on this table should be no more than 15 inches tall and occupy approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the length of the coffee table – with one maximum width of about 1/3 of the width of the table to complete it as a statement piece). Add two to three large books. Try a smaller arrangement of flowers, like a grid of bud vases, to keep the design interesting, but keep the statement as the focus.

4. TEA TIME – The addition of a tea set should match the overall design of the house (modern, rural, traditional). An exception is a classic silver tea service that can give charm to most homes. Make sure the tea service contains something interesting, like a free tray, or try something unusual like a stone slab like marble. Add textiles (small tablecloths or cloth napkins) to soften the look. Use a book, an oversized art book that is “open” to an interesting picture (preferably a summary).

Regardless of how you style the coffee table, it shouldn’t be overwhelming, but should improve the look of the room by providing a visual statement about the lifestyle of the home.

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