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We are entering a new decade and it is also a new decade for the Grow VC Group. Our trip since 2009 dealt with digitization, fintech and data disruptions. Now is a good time to look back a little bit and especially look ahead.

We started with the world’s first crowdfunding service for stocks. We soon realized that the crowdfunding market for startups is not a huge business, in particular it was not as scalable as we expected. Now, 10 years later, we can see that it is still a small company and not many platforms in this market can really make money.

We had a portfolio of online finance, crowdfunding and finance platforms. We have sold or closed most of these companies over the past five years, and are now preparing to close the entire portfolio, which stems from crowdfunding roots. The only company in this portfolio is now Difitek It’s more of a technology company that offers an open API platform for implementing digital investment and credit services.

At the same time, we have built up new company portfolios. We are still active in some areas of financial technology, but we would like to see a change from fintech to techfin. H. Services where technology really disrupts financial services or creates new categories of services. In the meantime, too many fintech services were just new tools or channels to offer very old services, and we haven’t seen any really new business models or concepts for developing new services, for example.

We see that digitization and data really play a key role in changing all companies. Our new corporate portfolios include, for example, the following companies:

  • Prifina develops new models for the control and use of personal data. It provides tools for owning and controlling personal data, but they are not property, and tools for individuals to use their personal profiles for better services, prices, and usability.
  • Robocorp develops robotic process automation (RPA) solutions based on the cloud first open source model. RPA is a rapidly growing market, but the open source model and cloud-based orchestration will take the entire market to a new level, expanding the market from a few billion to hundreds of billions. RPA is also the basis for future AI solutions, enables the digitization of many services, enables outsourcing of work for robots (robosourcing) and creates a new developer category, software robot developers.
  • Startup Commons develops services and models for better measurement, digitization and systematic development of startup ecosystems. Startups have become a fundamental part of the economy in most countries, regions and cities, but investments and development are often carried out without systematic processes and metrics. Startup Commons makes this development much more systematic.

Although our focus and our companies have changed, we still have the same principles as we did a decade ago: We have been building global business from day one, are very entrepreneurial and are always ready to question existing models and companies. We want to work with people and companies that share the same principles.

We don’t know what changes will happen in business over the next ten years. We believe that there will be many changes, new challenges and opportunities. In any case, there are always opportunities for entrepreneurs who are ready to create new and better services. It only takes the right attitude to recognize and implement the opportunities.

We wish all of our companies, employees, partners and entrepreneurs around the world a successful new year and a good start to the new decade.

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