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Marine spirits is what I’m talking about. Sea spirits are demons that operate from the water. And I wouldn’t talk about it, but the Lord emphasizes it. God emphasizes, DO NOT INVITE THESE SPIRITS TO YOUR LIFE! We have to obey what the Lord says. You can invite them via SIN. Like lust, witchcraft, pride, perversion, rebellion, greed and destruction. These spirits control the mind and cause great confusion to people who see the truth.

In my dream, the people of God were almost swallowed up by these DEEP FLOODWATERS that contained sea spirits that resembled marine animals. The only way to release people was to run into the bathroom and shower (reverse). Then the sin was washed away and the sea spirits had to free it. God knows what is in DEPTH and He gives us the knowledge to know what we are doing. We have to obey what he tells us. We don’t have to be swallowed up by a great fish like Jonah did. He called this place the belly of hell.

When Jonah fell into the sea, the gentleman chose a very large fish to swallow Jonah. It was in the fish’s stomach for three days and three nights. “Jonah 1:17 (ERV)

“I had big problems.
I called the Lord for help
and he answered me.
I was deep in the grave.
I cried to you
and you heard my voice
“You threw me into the sea.
Your mighty waves splashed over me.
I went down, down into the deep sea.
The water was all around me.
Then I thought, “Now I have to go where you can’t see me.”
but I continued to seek help in your holy temple.
“The sea water closed over me.
The water covered my mouth
and I couldn’t breathe.[a]
I went down, down into the deep sea.
Kelp wrapped around my head.
I was at the bottom of the sea
the place where the mountains start.
I thought I was locked up in this prison forever.
but the Lord my God took me out of my grave.
God, you gave me life again! Jonah 2: 2-6

Jonah thought he knew better than God. Is there an area of ​​your life where you defy God? Jonah learned a valuable lesson about the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness. Repent and believe. God can provide supernatural means of salvation when His people are in trouble.

These sea spirits try to take over families, cities and nations. God reveals this kingdom of the kingdom of Satan. Sea spirits and their operations are not hidden from God’s EYES! It will bring LIGHT to the DARK DEEP!

“It reveals even the darkest secrets.
It sends light to places as dark as death. “Job 12:22

He will wipe out these sea spirits from DEEP DARK if you allow him to. These sea spirits will try to seduce and motivate people, sin and engage in riots.

Water is a symbol of life. People with these sea spirits feel like they are drowning in life. If you have anxiety, depression, illness, financial problems and stress. You have been pushed to the very edge and your chin is just above the water. Call your LIFEGUARD (LORD HELP)!

How do fishermen catch sea creatures? With FISHING NETS, a network of grid-like woven fibers. You catch the fish. In order for this FISHING NET to work in your life, you need to make a PRAYER NET. If you pray and work with the Lord, it will STRENGTHEN your NET! The height of PRAYER and PRAYER determines the strength of the fibers that are closely interwoven to capture these sea spirits.


In my dream these vicious DOGS were aggressive scavengers and thieves! You would devour the good. These DOGS tried to bring fear and terror to the people of God to distract them. People were holding their baby in their hands, which was a gift from God when they entered the NEW YEAR, and these DOGS were about to take it out of their hands and pull it out. These dogs have CHANGED at the DOOR OF YOUR DESTINY. The baby (gift) was different for each person. Then the atmosphere changed. Exactly what the gentleman put in her hands was her fate, which made her STOP again with these DOGS! With 2020 people could see vision through the DOGS EYES! And what they saw in the DOG’S EYES was FEAR and TERROR and they ran away with their tails between their legs! When they were with 2020 Vision SAW they were free in 2020! I heard people sing ROCK A BYE BABY!

“All you have to do is stay calm. The Lord will fight for you. “2. Moses 14:14 (ERV)

It is time to TOTAL all the things that the Lord said and promised you and to start to REQUIRE IT !! Loudly judge your YES to get it !!

When God’s people stood on the truth, the DOG disappeared. This attack has lost its hold because the enemy cannot bear the TRUTH of God’s WORD and POWER! The whole point of the attack is that you give up and lose the ground, which the Lord will give in your LIFE until 2020! They bark so loud because this year is coming to an end. But the TRUTH is when you stand on what the Lord says and EXPLAIN that the enemy is giving up and losing ground. You will see the BARKING LIES! While singing ROCK A BYE BABY ON THE TREE TOP and holding your present in your hand, shout that THESE DOGS CLEAN UP THE WRONG TREE !! DECIDE IT, ROCK IT, KEEP IT BECAUSE IT’S YOURS!

God really helps us. He shows us what needs to be removed (sin) and shows us what the enemy is trying to plan, but if we follow what the Lord tells us we will be HAPPY, FREE and VERY BLESSED by 2020! Happy New Year everybody!! Now sit down joyfully and rock your baby’s reunion !! Listen to Rock a Bye Baby from: Best Baby Lullabies

Love and blessings,


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