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With a new decade, our Chicagoland Home Staging team is taking a moment to reflect on the amazing changes, successes and lessons learned from our company. Our goal is to inspire homebuyers to make an offer for a property by adequately preparing and presenting the house for sale. If you are planning to sell a property in 2020, you should read this article on home staging.

Tips for home staging

These were the most dedicated contributions from our team, derived from home staging projects, solutions to problem areas, and generally proven home staging tips.

5 characters It’s time to relax [Plus, How to Stop It From Happening Again!]

Home Staging Works: $ 2 million house sold in 10 days

The art and science behind the staging of a house in Naperville

[Before + After] Presentation of a newly renovated house in Naperville

6 Cleaning hacks to freshen up your home this spring

4 mistakes to avoid when choosing the graphic

All aboard the Staged Homes Trolly Tour

Home staging tricks: How to make a Home Light + Bright

Our neutral paint colors

Proof that the staging of an empty property really works

We hope you enjoy these posts. You are welcome to pass them on to potential customers so that they can better understand the important process of staging the home. Our team would like to express special thanks to everyone who regularly reads our blog and give us the opportunity to look after their customers.

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