Goodbye to the tweens / teens … my wish for the 2020s Fashion

“Goodbye Noughties, hello” Tweens / Teens “. I can’t believe in the past 10 years, got married, had a third” baby “and started my own business. Go on to the next 10. I’m ready.”

I wrote this on my personal Facebook profile 10 years ago. My “baby” is now in the ninth grade. my oldest children are adults; I am still happily married and my business has just passed its biggest year so far.

2010-2020: My wish for the 2020s

Not many of my friends were on Facebook in early 2010. All the photos on Facebook would have come from a camera (only a few of us had smartphones – and when we did, the photo quality was shocking!) And then uploaded them on a computer. Alex Perry just taught me how to take a selfie with a camera. So my scrolling in the past showed that I was testing these skills.

Most companies weren’t on social media at the end of the last decade. I would advise companies on how to start a Facebook page and create consistent content in blogs and emails to get in touch with their customers, but most of the time they didn’t get them. They will live under a stone in the 2020s so as not to “get” social media or to believe that they will not take off. 🤦♀️

Leaving journalism in 2008 was undoubtedly the best career move I’ve ever made. I blogged about 18 months before the end of the last decade, but I haven’t met any other blogger personally. This happened in 2010 at a beauty blogging event organized by a PR company in Sydney that was way ahead of its time and dealt with bloggers in a way that was previously reserved only for beauty editors. It was the beginning of a snowball in the past 10 years – a change of guard in the way we gather information and connect with other people.

Business-wise, I did everything I could 10 years ago to make an income, embracing the ability that blogging and Twitter gave me to connect with women around the world. It’s no surprise that I jumped on Instagram with my launch in 2010. Many of these women, whom I met from early blogging days, are still connected to me today. Many have become incredible friends in the past decade.

I was privileged to build my own community of like-minded women with Styling You, some of whom built their own social media communities thanks to the # Everydaystyle Hashtag that I started in 2013. Others within the Styling You community has become close friends who meet in real life after talking to each other online.

All the time I have been campaigning for my message that the style does not have an expiry date or does not have a specific number on a clothing label.

That really made my heart sing in the past 10 years. In a world that is getting bigger and more accessible, the creation of communities reminds us that at the core of our humanity we still want to connect with others, that life does not end or change because we have a milestone in our birthday have reached or when our body changes.

For the 2020s, I hope and wish that we continue to look for meaningful connections with others, uplift others, celebrate stylistic diversity and remember that friendliness will always be cool.

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