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This year, we’ve published seven days a week, keeping fashion and lifestyle mostly on Saturdays (which you apparently liked), so no day has passed with design content. I’m not a model, but I’m having fun with these posts. To be honest, we always try to figure out how to do fashion in a way that is indeed meaningful or informative and not just pushing you to constantly buy new clothes. We know that fast fashion is an industry that produces a lot of waste. So we really try to do the following: If you go swimming and literally don’t have a swimsuit, here are a few that I can tell you are good at Instead of just buy more swimsuits, Fashion posts end up with decent sales because we earn a small commission on everything you buy through the blog. I would be happy if you let us know how we can create fashion posts in the best possible way, for every budget and for every style, all shapes / sizes and of course vintage and thrifted (Hello, January). A big thank you to Ryann, Veronica and Mallory for helping me produce these posts and feeling more comfortable when I stand on the corner of the Sunset Junction and swing a bag, laugh and feel very confident for my seriousness , I’m not. but I appreciate how serious you are about your work

But for now, let’s take a look back at this year’s fashion postings and which ones made it into the top 10.

# 10: six fall sweaters that i love + how do i wear them?

North Fall Lores 16

FALL SWEATERS has arrived at # 10. This is the first year I really hugged the sweater and the boy did. My friend Suzanne helped style this one, which is so fun, and after comments, you seem to like it when Suzanne is involved in these shoots (and me too).

# 9: a fashion review: new clothes on mine and how i like (or not)

Nordstrom Fashion 16

This was my first review-style post, and I think you enjoyed that I gave my opinion about when something wasn’t quite right or what I bought, but I planned to go back for some reason. I think this is the kind of information that is not always the easiest to find and may be better at informing your purchases.

# 8: 12 Sustainable fashion brands to try if you love clothing but also the earth


I am so happy that this post has worked so well. We highlighted sustainable brands (and boys emerge more every day, which is AWESOME) and you were thrilled. YAY. Would love to hear if you have other sustainable brand suggestions when you have them.

# 7: My “Casual, Comfortable, Cool” Spring Weekend wardrobe

Img 51681

I’m pretty sure this was only in the top 10 because of Boris (the dog, of course), but there are some great outfits in this one, including one that I try to wear a combination of sweatpants and hat in a cool way (and again), Suzanne helped out, which was so funny).

# 6: I let my 20-year-old employee dress me in the latest fashion trends

Side by side 01

I loved this post and although you didn’t really buy any of the pieces, the concept was definitely fun and I want to do more of it. If you originally skipped it, it is worth reading it only for a laugh.

# 5: 18 pairs of autumn boots: a look back at the good, the big and the so-so

Boot Review Lores 2121

YAY FOR REAL REVIEWS. Next year we may actually go to the stores and check them out as I try to save a step (if we can take photos in the store). So tell me what to check in the comments and we will try to get it working.

# 4: 8 sets of pajamas that I will wear all winter

Pajamas Lores 4 1

We joked that we should only become a pajama blog because the traffic on this post was so much bigger than we thought (over 50,000 views). But okay, understand … you like pajamas (and reviews).

# 3: 51 Affordable spring dresses (and a fantastic sweater I couldn’t resist)

Photo 5783

I think people were just so ready to think about summer that spring really hit the post. If you only see someone dressed for warm weather, everyone knows that it will soon be time.

# 2: The 3 stylish, comfortable pants that I wear all the time

Fave Jeans Lores 2

I was glad that this hit. My team was skeptical because they are kind of boring, but I really loved wearing them all the time and you really responded to them. Sometimes it’s the basic stuff that resonates the most, I think.

# 1: Active and humble swimsuits to feel good

Ehd swimsuits 2

Needless to say, I was VERY nervous about putting 15 photos of me in a swimsuit on the internet (and, as you know, we’re not Photoshop employees at EHD). So thank you for clicking on it and for letting me know and making you happy that I did.

We rethink a lot about what 2020 lifestyle and fashion posts will look like, and I’m not a fashion expert, so I’m generally not giving tips, but let me know what you’d like to see and what you’re coming here for in terms of fashion , We made a couple of team fashion posts and I would like to alternate more and incorporate other people’s styles, not just mine. Thoughts?


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