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Dine in style, from kitchen tables to islands with seating

In the eat-in kitchen, the "dining part" is usually the last piece of the puzzle. The design of the kitchen is usually about cooking, while the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeating in the room is often an afterthought. However, SweetenAs a renovation platform that connects homeowners with a certified general contractor, there is a growing trend to consider both activities during the planning phase. While small rooms require multiple functions in the kitchen, a more sophisticated layout combines seating, a more organic process and spatial planning.

Discover the possibilities that these Sweeten home owners have taken with their eat-in kitchens, from the dining table to the counter. Everyone will invite family and friends to "break bread" with you at home!

A kitchen banquet beckons to society

cuisine banquet

Jenn and Jon had only one window in the kitchen to let the light in and took steps to create a brighter atmosphere for their family of four. A partial wall that separated a dining area from the kitchen effectively brought the two rooms together and let the sunshine in. Cooking and eating together was a top priority, and a U-shaped banquet provided a cozy meeting place around the square. shaped dining table. Wallpaper and cladding give it separation and personality.

A peninsula bar multitasks


For Elizabeth and Martin's 24-square-meter galley kitchen, space planning was tackled with the help of their Sweeten Design build team and a feeling of openness was created. The comfort level of the couple during all renovation work was calmed down by "sketches from every angle". Pulling down two partitions was the first step to let in more light.

The new Peninsula Bar offers space for four to five stools reminiscent of a sweet bistro – and offers storage space. Form and function increase with more preparation space, showcases and a mixture of surfaces. The microwave, which is located behind a cabinet, minimizes the mess and the paper towel holder rolls out from under the worktop.

More function for a larger kitchen

Townhouse renovation

Jill and Cy created an open concept on the first floor of their family home. The kitchen has been expanded for the family of four by turning a full bath into a powder room that offers a better view of the whitewashed doors leading to the back yard. With plenty of space, a dining table and chairs easily fit into the cooking space for meals and entertainment. The furniture, the ceiling lamp and the furniture made of walnut wood with flat screen testify to the modern aesthetics of the middle of the century. A cut out window seat, which also serves as storage space, was a bonus.

The center of an island

kitchenA salvaged walnut slab that was picked up from a wood supplier was the focus of Tara and Brian's kitchen. "I remember when I was a child, the kitchen island was the center of existence," she said. With the aim of achieving a rustic look, two sides stood on the edge, while the cherry red color of the wood was lacquered.

The refrigerator was placed in a row of existing cupboards next to the actual kitchen, creating a uniform current for the rest of the apartment. A camouflaged pantry covered with subway tiles is a fun "Where's Waldo?" – Hold on. And this walnut plate? There was enough left over to design open shelves for the kitchen, home office and bathroom.

Studio loft kitchen

A kitchenette found new life in her studio loft with the new home owners Serge and Uldis, who worked to use all the space available. A small dining table and chairs under the attic create a cozy grotto atmosphere. Devices that opted for an L-shaped layout moved along the rear wall and built up enough work space. A mixture of stainless steel and white cabinets forms the backdrop for a shiny black backsplash made of tempered glass.

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