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A little squeaky wallet? Hey, the vacations can cut even the best budget. But there is still a real estate business to think about, and without marketing, there isn’t enough oil in the world to cure that paperback squeak.

For this reason, we decided today to provide you with a list of free to inexpensive real estate marketing strategies. Some are old-fashioned, but proven. You may have considered some of them in the past and now may be the perfect time to implement them – even on a small scale.

Yes, there is rightly a dollar for your time. The real estate marketing strategies listed below as “free” relate to the fact that they do not incur any expenses.

Free real estate marketing: address previous customers

The holidays are the perfect excuse to get in touch with previous customers. In the past, we suggested that you skip the Christmas greeting and send a New Year wish instead. This way, yours won’t spill into the avalanche of holiday greetings that most people receive in December.

Wait until after January to make your call, send your email or text, or insert a card in the email. Focus the greeting on them, not you, but ask them to share your contact information with anyone interested in buying or selling real estate.

Don’t miss these contacts when you’re busy. You will be grateful if recommendations are received.

Free real estate marketing: Improve your blogging strategy

While this won’t pay off over time if done consistently as part of your real estate marketing plan, it will help your organic search engine ranking.

You will also receive social media feed. If the content is compelling enough, visitors will be directed to your website.

A blogging strategy should include different types of content, including: B. Infographics. The more local the posts are, the more likely they are to be shared.

If possible, strive for a new post every week and delve deeply into your topic.

Free real estate marketing: Put more emphasis on social media

Social media marketing is one of the least expensive strategies you can use on a tight budget. And no, we’re not talking about ads.

Socializing – getting in touch with your followers – is a cheap and easy strategy to keep you up to date and find new perspectives.

Facebook is worth your time and effort, from running quizzes and competitions to posting hyper-hyper-local content.

We give you tips on what content you share here and how you can strengthen your presence. If you are interested in topics, we will help you here.

Free real estate marketing: Knock on doors

Oh, come on, poo-poo door knocks on anything you want – but if done consistently, it works.

We like Bryan Casella’s video The Complete Guide to Knocking for Real Estate Agents, If you get past the extremely bad audio, it’s worth a watch. If you can’t, check out his other tapping videos Here,

If you need scripts for strategies like cold calling and knocking on the door, read on this by Rachel Adams, CEO of Rachel Adams Group in Sacramento, California.

By the way, she knocked on the door in the first three years of her existence to become one of the top 1000 real estate agents in the country from rookie status

Free real estate marketing: Visit email marketing again

Because it’s free, email marketing has lost a lot of momentum in recent years. It had to happen that our inboxes were overflowing with emails – from guaranteed ways to stay young to website redesigns and more.

Even the government’s crackdown on unsolicited commercial email has not slowed the daily volume.

The chances of generating numerous new leads from an email campaign are less than with the strategies mentioned above, but they are free.

Email can be an effective way to keep in touch with previous customers. Here are some tips and a list of mistakes you should avoid.

Inexpensive, free: Get out and have fun

If you are not yet a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, you can get involved now. The number of mixers and other networking events they host is worth its weight in gold.

You have to go through some pretty ugly ads to get to the list, but you can find the chamber in your city Here,

Then there are the various groups across the country. Pick a group that focuses on something that really interests you. For example, in my region there are meetup groups for everything from learning how to trade stock options, the law of attraction, English country dancing, running, walking and more.

Think about whether you would like to volunteer for an organization that you are passionate about. This is an amazing way to meet like-minded people, get to know them personally and build trust.

Search online for volunteer opportunities near you at or search for “volunteer opportunities in [name of your town], “

While none of these real estate marketing ideas are new or original in any way, any of them can be used as an affordable real estate marketing strategy to guide you through downtime.

Are you still looking for the perfect real estate marketing plan? We have 200 free marketing ideas to give your business a boost!

Why do you need a real estate website? In this video, Chris explains exactly why a website is essential for a small business:

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