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We know that life is hectic. Here’s a summary of the weekly health issues you can’t afford:

  1. Pharmacists who have been convicted by prescription avoid the prison. AP news. December 23, 2019.

Two pharmacists who worked for a pharmacy blamed for a nationwide outbreak of fungal meningitis were convicted of their role in an unrelated drug delivery system without a valid prescription using incorrect patient names. The pharmacists avoided the prison and were only sentenced to probation.

2) The St. Louis jury will assist Johnson & Johnson in the talk case. AP news. December 23, 2019.

The jury rejected the plaintiff’s claim that over 30 years of use of talcum powder had caused ovarian cancer.

3) The healthcare system pays $ 575 million to settle antitrust litigation. AP news. December 20, 2019.

One of the largest healthcare systems in Northern California is paying $ 575 million to settle claims that it has used anti-competitive practices to increase patient costs.

4) Verata Health Use artificial intelligence to accelerate the approval process in advance. Star Tribune. December 23, 2019.

A start-up called Verata Health is one of a handful of companies that offer proprietary artificial intelligence systems at a national level that scan patients’ extensive medical records to identify the approximately ten documents insurance companies need before they agree to cover patient care.

5) The hospital’s resistance to government health reforms suggests the challenges for Congress. The hill. December 21, 2019.

State legislators who want to lower their health costs face a huge setback from the hospitals. This suggests the obstacles that a Democratic President and Congress would face if they tried to make bold promises for health care reform.

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