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With these practical products and storage tips for Christmas decorations, you can put your holiday aside this year so that it can EASILY be used again next year!

Are you ever afraid to decorate for Christmas because you know your Christmas decorations are a mess? Instead of looking forward to being decorated for the holidays, fear going to your attic or basement to fetch your Christmas decor trash cans because you know it will be a mess that you need to sort ?

Don’t be prepared for this scenario again next year! It only takes a few helpful products and a little time to keep your Christmas decor organized and efficient so you can decorate it next year with ease!

How do i know Well, a few years ago I was talking to a friend about how much she was afraid to decorate for Christmas. She talked about how long it would take and she just couldn’t muster the energy to do it. I was right to be confused. Why should the Christmas decoration last more than a day ???

The more we talked about it, the more I realized that my family can easily decorate in one day, because our Christmas decor is organized in such a way that it’s super, super quick, and easy to take out to decorate it.

Read on to find out more about the storage solutions for Christmas decorations that seem like magic to us! And this year with the help of The container store We have added a few new, incredible products that help protect all the decorations we love so much and make our decorating even easier next year!

I am honored to be a brand ambassador for The container store!

My top 4 Christmas decor storage solutions

Solution 1: good storage for ornaments.

I don’t know anything about you, but it took me almost 20 years to collect my jewelry. And while we have been buying shatterproof ornaments since childhood, we have many, many beautiful glass ornaments. And of course they are my favorites. In the past, we kept our fragile ornaments in plastic shoeboxes, which we then put in larger trash cans, but a lot of space was wasted with this system.

So I’m really looking forward to our new ones Ornament shelves from The Container Store that fit perfectly these storage boxes, We decided to use the trays for our most delicate and valuable ornaments, but we also packed some of them Ornament storage boxes for the rest of our glass decorations. No more wasted space and since all the shelves are clear, you can easily see which decorations are in the individual containers. So we can decorate our tree even faster next year.

Christmas decorations storage

Solution 2: Proper wreath storage.

This is the first year in which we are using the right wreath storage. We had a certain space in our attic to hang wreaths, but the red wooden wreath that I love so much was damaged even if we were as careful with it as possible. Now I feel like I really don’t have to worry if I am sure everything is OK this wreath box,

Christmas decorations are organized and kept

Solution 3: Empty storage bins.

We have always used storage containers to store similar items with similar items, and that alone was pretty effective. However, we always used solid color storage containers so we couldn’t see what was in them before we opened them. Now I know that what is more effective is being used Clear storage spaces! Next year, we don’t even have to open every container to see exactly what’s inside. We kept nutcrackers and bottle brushes in these clear containers.

Christmas decor storage solutions

Solution 4: Open storage bins.

Do you feel a bit confused by this? Using open storage containers for some items may not seem intuitive. BUT they are perfect for storing ribbons and scarves that we use for Christmas, but which we also want to have easily accessible so that we can use them for other celebrations throughout the year. We used this canvas container from The Container Store for years (you can see some of them here in our linen closet) in different sizes. You are a personal favorite of mine.

There you have it! These are my top 4 Christmas decor storage tips that make sense and make your life easier when you go decorating next year! I promise you will take the time to keep your Christmas decorations in an organized and sensible manner. This will make a difference in how you feel when decorating each year.

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