Urgent care for my uvula Unschooling

These were taken where I spent most of the Christmas Eve morning. I love this place in Montgomery east of Juan Tabo in Albuquerque. I took the photos for the Facebook group Zias and pickups.

I’m feeling better now because they have great people. I am very glad that my (seemingly) life-threatening problem was NOT tomorrow / Christmas, but on Christmas Eve when they were open (shortened hours, but I got in) and the pharmacy near me was open and I was better at only one hour.

Uvulitis. I felt that something was stuck in my throat that would soon stop breathing because it was already preventing me from speaking properly and in a full voice, and I was afraid to swallow. I tried to pull it up, but it really hurt my chest and head. I tried to swallow it. That really didn’t help. Bad uvula.

I was very scared, but when the doctor found out what it was and showed her the assistant who was a medical student because the combination of the tongue and uvulitis was a rarity, I was 50% cured because I could be calm, and she said the solution was simple.

Three days steroids (20 mg prednisone twice a day)
“Magic Mouthwash” (seems to be lidocaine in a pepto-bismol base, and I can gargle and swing and spit and forget it four times a day)
Allegra because it seems I have an allergy and that could have added to everything.

But the combination of these four things (five knowing that reaching and killing myself was not a growth plan) soon made me calm and happy.

Other negative factors could have been yesterday afternoon (dehydration (I didn’t want and didn’t want to replenish the humidifier that is there to counteract this …), fireplace (ashes, dust from splitting kindling) and sweaty red chilli on Tamales ( very hot), a margarita and not enough water or tea for a few days

So if you ever feel something in your throat and you know it’s not a foreign object and you can’t pull it up, stop trying. Gargle with salt water, drink tea (maybe with honey or lemon), try a cough drop, drink plenty of water, relax if you can, or go for urgent care if you can’t.

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