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Content – it includes almost everything we read, view, or listen to online and as our CEO Lee Odden Years ago said it is also the main reason why the search started in the first place.

We are particularly proud of the content marketing successes that our team at TopRank Marketing 2019 achieved for a large number of B2B customers. By the end of 2020, we wanted to publish our best content marketing articles of the year – all with best practices, research, examples, and the latest trends.

Outstanding content marketers that make our award-winning blog one of the most popular in the industry include Anne Leuman, Joshua Nite, Nick Nelson and Lee Odden.

Together, this compendium of our ten best content marketing posts of the year serves as a valuable resource that is filled with practical examples and relevant topics for digital marketing professionals, from CMOs to copywriters. We hope you find these articles helpful well into 2020.

We will be excluding our most popular content marketing post – 50 content marketing influencers and experts who will follow #CMWorld in 2019 – from the list, as it is not an article, but it is still a helpful resource acts that recognizes 50 of the best content marketing professionals including Ann Handley, Jay Bear, Pam Didner, Christopher Penn and so many other marketing leaders.

Now we come to the top 10! The most popular content marketing posts of the year are organized by a combination of search visibility and social engagement:

Our most popular content marketing posts of 2019:

1.Take 2019 By Storm: Let yourself be inspired by these 11 content marketing quotes – Anne Leuman

Inspirational content marketing quotes
It's no wonder that with her 11 inspiring content marketing quotes, Anne received our 2019 most popular content marketing post with uplifting and catchy insights from Ann Handley. Tamsen Webster. Andrew Davis. Heather Pemberton Levy. Robert Rose, and other. Anne has compiled a gold mine of inspiring quotes for B2B content marketers. Here you can find all posts by Anne and follow her on twitter,
It's important to slow down our marketing to get the basics right. @annhandley Click Twitter

2. Examples of B2B Marketing: 7 Bold Examples of Interactive B2B Content – Joshua Nite

Examples of interactive content
Josh, Senior Content Marketing Manager, showed how seven B2B brands use bold interactive content in our second most popular content marketing post of the year. With IBM, NASDAQ, HubSpot, DivvyHQ, VenturePact, Prophix and SnapApp, Josh presented great examples to spark your creative ideas and open your B2B heads to the possibilities of interactive communication. Here you can find all posts by Josh Follow him on Twitter,

3. 5 content promotion tactics that make you (almost) famous – Lane R. Ellis

Woman embracing beautiful world from a dock overlooking water image.
With five content advertising tactics to make you (almost) famous, including influencer shaping, trend awareness, intelligent re-purposing, incorporating interactive elements, and more, my article was our third most popular content marketing post of 2019. Check out all of my posts here and follow me on twitter,

"Influencer marketing is not only one of the fastest growing areas in marketing, but also one of the disciplines in which B2B brands achieve trend-setting marketing performance." @LeeOdden Click Twitter

4. 5 examples of remarkable content marketing in action – Lane R. Ellis

Image of the mountains and wildflowers.
In this post I gave five examples of how remarkable content marketing with inspiring, relevant, and best-answerable insights conquers minds, hearts, and purses. Success stories from Sigstr, Oracle, Adobe Creative Cloud, PathFactory and NBC News Brand Studio were presented.Learn how remarkable content marketing can inspire us to reach and achieve new levels of success through meaningful storytelling and the kind of compelling ones and relevant information that provides the best answers.

5. Wow your crowd: How content marketers can create powerful audience connections – Nick Nelson

Wow your crown microphone picture

How can content planning create the conditions for unforgettable B2B marketing experiences? In the fifth most popular content marketing article of the year, our senior content strategist Nick deals with the essential aspects of initial audience planning, including building a concrete strategic framework, maintaining flexibility and adaptability, and emphasizing emotional appeal. It also gives insights from # CMWorld speakers Amanda Todorovich. Courtney Cox Wakefield. Margaret Magnarelli and other top B2B content marketers. Here you can find all posts by Nick and Follow him on Twitter,

6. Embrace interactive content: 19 statistics every B2B marketer needs to know – Anne Leuman

Interactive content statistics you need to know
With 19 statistics every B2B marketer needs to know, Anne's talents have once again been included in our year's top posts. Meaningful statistics are used that lead to interesting content experiences that connect with your audience on an intellectual and emotional level. Anne shares statistics from Buzzsumo, the Content Marketing Institute, Ion Interactive Inc., SnapApp, Demand Metric, Cisco, and others, ensuring greater engagement with your audience, improved message retention, and more.

7. Infographic: 5 ingredients for a great content marketing strategy – Lee Odden

Marketing strategy for ingredients

Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing, summarized a gold mine of essential ingredients for a great content marketing strategy in an infographic post that was our seventh most popular in 2019. Working with Oracle Marketing Cloud employees, Lee showed how successful content marketing really is. The five basic components of goals, operations, insights, architectures and measurements are described. It also explains how they can be combined to create content that leads to results.

Lee has also been the driving force behind the TopRank marketing blog for over 15 years. Such posts have resulted in professional marketers returning year after year. Check out all of Lee's 2,600 posts here Follow him on Twitter,

8. 15 reports on the future of content marketing – Lane R. Ellis

Office interior with diagrams and charts - picture.

What does content marketing have in 2020 and beyond? In the eighth most popular content marketing publication of 2019, I answered this question with over 15 insightful reports loaded with B2B data to help seasoned marketers define and present an optimal content marketing future , I have shown how the information in the reports helps to better understand B2B content marketing while keeping more than one eye open for the future.

9. Less is more: time to inflate and connect content – Nick Nelson

Concise writing man on the phone picture

Nick offers tips on reducing writing to make it more punchy and concise. He has published another of our top content marketing posts of the year collecting advice from top word makers in the marketing game to find out how to face many of today's most common pitfalls of content creators.

Another 700 words won't help you achieve your goals more than 7 more words. Create content that helps people. Do it efficiently. @randfish Click Twitter

10. 12 essential marketing skills for B2B content marketers – Joshua Nite

B2B content marketing skills

Our list of top content marketing posts of the year is rounded off. Josh has made a second entry in the list of 12 key B2B skills including SEO, SMM, influencer marketing, measurement, empathy, creativity, communication, organization, motivation, trust, humility, collaboration and more. Do you use all of Josh's 12 essential B2B content marketing skills?

Many thanks to TopRank Marketing Writers & Readers

There you have it – the selection of 10 of our top content marketing posts for 2019. Special thanks go to all outstanding authors who have written excellent contributions on content marketing topics all year round.

Please let us know which content marketing topics you would like to focus on in 2020. Whether interactive content, videos, artificial intelligence, practical case studies or analyzes – we look forward to your suggestions.

Thank you to everyone who reads our blog regularly and everyone who comments and shares our posts on TopRank Marketing's social media channels at Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook. Instagram, and Youtube,

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