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Facebook is building its own operating system Life-style

Facebook is working on its own operating system (OS) to ensure that it is never exposed to other technology heavyweights like Google to use its Android operating system.

According to the information, the social networking company entrusted this task to Mark Lucovsky, a former Microsoft engineer who helped develop Windows NT.

Facebook has already explored this goal, but has only managed to create an unassuming custom operating system called Facebook Home that is still based on Android. It was released on an HTC-produced phone in 2013 that flopped miserably.

This time, our own operating system will be developed from scratch.

We are all familiar with using Facebook as a social networking site. What exactly does a Facebook operating system mean for us?

Is Facebook getting into the smartphone business?

Is this the first step for Facebook to produce smartphones like Google did with its Pixel series?

Not quite. While it is entirely possible for the company to do this if it wants to in the future, Facebook's intention right now is to do so supply the hardware for augmented reality and virtual reality (AR / VR) with power,

These can be the Oculus VR headsets and the Portal Smart Display devices, both of which are currently running on a modified version of Android.

Facebook said in particular that its work will focus on developing "what is needed for AR glasses", which the company talked about back in September.

Will Facebook apps be exclusive to your operating system?

Given that Facebook is not developing a smartphone at the same time as plans for its own operating system, this will not be a problem.

Facebook's app family, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will continue to be available for iOS and Android even if the company publishes its own operating system.

Other things Facebook is working on

On the whole, Facebook is doing more to improve self-sufficiency.

"We really want to make sure there is room for the next generation," said Andrew Bosworth, AR / VR's Facebook director.

We do not believe that we can trust the market or competitors to ensure that this is the case. And so we'll do it ourselves.

Andrew Bosworth, Facebook Head of AR / VR

In addition to its own operating system, Facebook has also reportedly developed its own version of a voice assistant to take on Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa (Facebook's portal is currently equipped with Alexa).

They also have a great vision of developing a brain-computer interface that allows users to control devices only with their thoughts.

As surreal as it sounds, Facebook has already acquired a tech startup CTRL-Labs to achieve this goal.

So far, they have made progress in compressing technology the size of a refrigerator into a device that fits in your hand. However, it will take at least five to ten years to be used on the shelves in a consumer product.

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