Day in the life of a digital nomad : CAREER

A good end makes a good start. Don’t miss the three things you want to celebrate to get the year to a point and prepare to live the life you dream of in 2020.

If one of your dreams is to be a digital nomad, listen and live on behalf of Ann Davis, an experienced digital nomad in the company Venture With Impact is the one I work with 2nd annual career exploration retreat in Lisbon, Hear from Ann about the advantages and challenges of being a digital nomad and how you can create your own, location-independent experience.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Read my comments in this recent article in the New York Post: “Workers are decoupling from their work in an unusual way.”

Also in this episode forecasts for 2020 and what we have to expect to get more work-life balance. And as always, a quote that inspires you and keeps you in the right mindset for success. Don’t forget to share the best career recommendations you’ve ever received in the comments below. Happy Holidays and here is partying and living together!

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