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App in the air app ratingAnything that makes travel stress free is a win, especially at airports! Check out this app, which is more like a pocket sound system to easily pass airports.

What is app in the air?

It is a personal flight assistant that manages all aspects of your air travel and combines a variety of functions to ensure that you are on time at the right gate and know about the facilities at the airport.

What does the app do in the Air app?

Charges! Including the ability to turn what could be tedious into a game.

  • Baggage scan function to ensure that all personal baggage, hand baggage and drop-off baggage meet size requirements
  • Real-time updates during security waiting times
  • SMS updates for offline use and to avoid data roaming
  • Find out where to get the best free WiFi
  • Where to find the fastest check-in counters
  • Find charging stations and sockets
  • Track your itinerary
  • index cards
  • Connect with frequent flyer programs
  • Weather information at your destination
  • Record expenses
  • AR globe to visualize previous trips
  • Profile setup that logs your stroll around the world and even puts you on a worldwide ranking

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Who is app in the air for?

Frequent travelers will get the most out of this app. Basically everyone who lives out of a suitcase, be it for business or pleasure.

What do the app's reviews say in the air?

Great average ratings are given, even though there are reports of a few glitches here and there. The support team is extremely responsive and it looks like this app is getting better over time.

App in the air app rating

App in the air app rating

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