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If you want to entertain overnight guests during this holiday season, do you have a cozy retreat for them? They feel more comfortable in an area where guests can call home during their short stay. Setting up a guest room can be easy, even if it’s just a temporary place to sleep. Here are some ways to be an attentive and hospitable host that your guests will appreciate to ensure a stress-free stay.

Clean the room thoroughly

Often a guest room becomes a crowded space until it’s time to host. Before guests arrive, allow some time to organize and clean the room from ceiling to floor. Consider giving the room a subtle seasonal scent with a candle or by fogging the bedding.

It’s all Over the bed

The bed should be comfortable and cozy. Try adding an extra pillow to support with a feather bed mattress pad or memory foam. Change bed linen before you arrive and provide different blanket weights depending on the weather. To recreate the best luxury hotels, use Egyptian cotton sheets with a 300 thread count in combination with a duvet with a cotton duvet cover.

Create space

Make some space in a closet or drawer for longer stays. Plan additional hangers, drawer liners and sachets to make a nice place for your belongings. Also a luggage rack or a bench to facilitate access to your belongings instead of using the floor.

A well-lit room

Check how much daylight falls into the room and make sure you have the right window treatments so that you can adapt the light to the needs of your guests. Strategically place a table lamp near the bed and let a night light into the room if your guests are sleeping with you.

Personalize your experience

Think about whether you have a guest book to contribute to and read about others’ experiences. Have a card with the WiFi password and the TV channels ready. Share some refreshments in a basket that contains snacks and water. Also add a book or magazine to the room.

Additional travel essentials

Have additional toothbrushes, toothpaste and shampoo + conditioner ready, along with other goodies such as lotion, make-up wipes, a hair dryer, headache medication and other care products that you can conveniently store in a basket or canister. Other important things to consider: extra towels, toilet paper, and feminine products. Another important must is a charging station or a surcharge for their electronics.

Make the holiday season perfect for guests with a cozy place to stay. Happy holidays from all of us here at Chicagoland Home Staging and we look forward to staging your entries in the new year.

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