WALK 2.0 Special Edition and announcement of special events Quilting

Many of you, like me, love foot quilting, and many of you used the first WALK book to improve your quilting and expand your quilt design toolbox. I am so proud of this book, but I have to tell you that I am excited about the follow-up to WALK, WALK 2.0. It takes the basic designs of walking and starts them up and there are whole new categories of quilt designs in this book. I’m also pretty excited about the “Quilt as a Wish” chapter, which shares my philosophy and approach to developing a quilt plan for a quilt. We all need some support in this area, don’t we?

Lucky Spool, my great publisher, decided to BANG this book! LS is launching a special, limited edition that can be picked up at QuiltCon 2020 in Austin. If you won’t be there, find a friend who is there for you and let them pick you up! This community is great and we can support each other.

This is the slipcase for the book.

Limited edition: To celebrate the start of WALK2.0We produce a limited edition For collection or purchase only at QuiltCon 2020

(no exceptions), two months before the general release of WALK2.0 next spring. These will not be made available to the public outside of QuiltCon 2020.

The Limited Edition WALK2.0 are hand numbered and signed by Jacquie Gering on a custom signature page waiting for Jacquie to personalize it at the Central Brewing Company’s opening party in Austin on Thursday, February 20, or at the signing times at Lucky Spool QuiltCon booth # 125.

The Limited Edition also offers a decorative, silver-foil hard cover, a blue colored edge, printed end papers and, what’s best, additional bonus content!

Pre-order your copy now for collection at QuiltCon 2020

The Limited Edition WALK2.0 costs $ 40 and is limited to 2 copies per customer.

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This is the cover of the book in a slipcase. You can preorder Here, Get yours soon, there are only a limited number available.

We’re hosting a book launch party, trunk show / lecture, and book signing on Thursday evening, February 20, 2020, in Austin, one block from the convention center. Tickets for this event will be available for purchase on the Lucky Spool website this Thursday, December 17, at 9:00 AM Pacific Time. A limited number of tickets are also available here. Check out my Instagram feed @jacquietps or to get yours!

I hope to see you in Austin and have a chat when we quilt on foot. If you’re not at QuiltCon, you can pre-order the regular edition from Amazon now. Better ask your local quilt shop to carry it with you and support our local quilt shop owners! I signed copies of the regular edition that are available on my website after the book was shipped. Stay tuned for more WALK 2.0 news.

Thank you for the support you have provided over the years. I couldn’t do any of this without you.

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