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Most of us make a fuss around the table on Christmas Day. It’s the perfect excuse to take out the family heirlooms, the best cutlery, and the white linen tablecloth that stays in the drawer most of the year. And most of us have a kind of table center, whether it’s flowers, candles or both. But what do you think of taking the Christmas table decorations to a whole new level with a hanging branch that is decorated with tea lights, lots of greenery and balls? I haven’t tried it yet, but how hard can it be? A blanket, a couple of small hooks, some strong cotton and a real piece of branch. And just in case you need more inspiration …

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Lift the Christmas table decorations to a new level

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Let the shape of the branch determine how you use it. The above is naturally curvy without side branches, so the decorations have been kept quite minimal. Battery lights that run the length of the branch and a few strategically placed glass balls are all that is needed. If you want a fuller effect, you can wrap fir branches around the branch and secure them with florist wire.

Lift the Christmas table decorations to a new level

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Continue the table theme as you decorate the branch. The elegant and traditional scheme shown above uses discrete fairy lights and balls that match the color scheme. If you have flowers on the table, you can also add a few to the branches. If you have a forest theme, you can use wooden decorations or pine cones with hanging tea lights instead of fairy lights. And if you love a snow-covered scheme, you can spray the branch with artificial snow and hang snowflake decorations along its length.

Lift the Christmas table decorations to a new level

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If a branch above the table is not an option, you can simply attach it to the wall. This has a beautiful handmade effect with colored balls, which are also used for hanging on the back of the chair. It has a weak folk theme that is refuted by the elegant candles and wine glasses. In fact, this branch could have been brought in from the garden!

Lift the Christmas table decorations to a new level

Image: garden trading

Maybe a little extreme for an average family dinner, but just an example of how effectively lanterns can look in bulk. The matt metal is reminiscent of the lamp base and complements the gray chairs and slate tableware.

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