Spend hours of fun outdoors in the winter with a unique outdoor fireplace or fireplace Landscape Design

The winter months bring colder temperatures, so that you and your family pack up your patio furniture and retreat to the warm interiors. But what if you could enjoy your time outside on your terrace in winter? You can extend the time you spend in your outdoor areas with an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit.

What can you do around a fireplace?

With a fire pit you can do everything you would normally do in your outdoor space. For example, you can spend time with your friends and family, talk, joke and tell stories. A fire creates a unique ambience that makes it even funnier to play card / board games, musical instruments or watch the sunset. You can even prepare meals over a fire or set up a campsite!

Outdoor fire pit

What can you cook in a fireplace?

There are many delicious recipes you can find to prepare meals, snacks and desserts over your fire pit. From the classic hot dogs and hamburgers to roasted vegetables to skewers and skewers. You can roast marshmallows or make a casserole in a cast iron pan. In fact, you can make just about anything with a hearth in a cast iron pan, including succotash, nachos, pancakes, etc.

Does an outdoor fireplace need a fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace has a fireplace as opposed to a fireplace. An outdoor fireplace has to be painstakingly designed and built for smoke to flow up and out through the chimney, and people can only sit on one side. There is no chimney in a fireplace, so smoke picks up, but you can accommodate guests all around.

Outdoor fire pit

Can I set up a fireplace or an outdoor fireplace in my garden?

If you are interested in building an outdoor fireplace or fireplace in your garden, contact Borst Landscape and Design to discuss how a fireplace fits into your outdoor design. If you are installing an outdoor fireplace or a fireplace, you should consider how large it is, how the surrounding landscape should be designed and whether there is sufficient drainage.

What is better a fireplace or chiminea?

A fire pit provides 365 views and access to the fire, while a Mexican-style stove opens a small window to the fire. A chiminea also has a chimney so that smoke is carried away from you. You can use both to cook, but fireplaces are usually larger and fire larger because there is no fireplace. No one is better than the other. The choice you want to have in your garden depends on your usage preferences and your landscaping.

Fire Chiminea

What is the best material for a fireplace?

Portable fireplaces are usually metal or steel bowls. Classic materials are copper or cast iron. You can also opt for an elegant stainless steel option. Custom-made fireplaces can be beautifully integrated into the landscape of your backyard with bricks, stones or concrete with a metal lining or fire bricks.

How safe are fire pits?

Fireplaces have open flames and can therefore be dangerous if basic safety precautions are not taken. With proper construction and maintenance, however, fire pits can be safely enjoyed in your garden.

Outdoor fire pit

Safety tips for outdoor fireplaces or fireplaces

So that you can safely enjoy your outdoor fireplace or fireplace, it should be installed on a flat surface and at a distance of at least 2 m from flammable substances such as plants, wooden floors, buildings or overhangs. Burn only natural wood and do not use lighter liquid. Be prepared to extinguish fires with a bucket of water, sand, fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Consider adding safety features like built-in chairs, fire protection, and firefighting gloves so guests aren't tempted to get closer.

Keep your outdoor fireplace clean

Maintaining a clean fireplace outside is the key to safely enjoying the fireplace. You should periodically clear the area of ​​debris to reduce the risk of sparks getting caught on overgrown plants or leaves. You should sweep away any debris in or around the fireplace and remove soot and ash in a shop. The outside of the fireplace can be cleaned with a brush with hard bristles and warm soapy water. The inside of a wood-burning fireplace should be cleaned by professionals who have the correct cleaning agents and experience to remove soot and ash build-up. Depending on the frequency of use, this should be done once or twice a year. A gas fireplace can be cleaned with a soft brush for gas burner holes and false logs. Gas burners should be cleaned with a soft cloth.

Outdoor fire pit

How can Borst Landscape work with you on a fireplace or an outdoor fireplace?

With Borst Landscape and Design you can design the outdoor fireplace or the fireplace of your dreams. We not only develop a beautiful design that fits your style, we also create a functional space that you can enjoy all year round. Borst Landscape knows that creating an outdoor fireplace or fire that meets your requirements and complies with Bergen County, NJ's fire regulations requires proper planning and expertise. We are professionals who do the job within your budget. Contact Borst Landscape and Design today if you are considering adding an outdoor fireplace or if you are concerned about proper care and maintenance of your fireplace. Remember, even if you don't think about your fireplace or outdoor fireplace in cold winter weather, it is really the best time to commission the work so that it is ready and ready for you when spring rolls around.

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