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Bath time For me, my husband and my daughter it is one of the most beautiful hours of the day. It's a wonderful bond time full of fun and splash. We love spending this time together and we love making sure that the time we spend in the bathroom is a safe time. I was really happy to shoot a segment about non-toxic bath products with my friend Mercedes Martinez. We had so much fun sharing this safe bath time for baby and mom, and I am very happy to share it with you!

Ali Levine and Mercedes Martinez in Las Vegas Now hired

I have all the products listed below, but I want to make sure you can see the show too. So here is a link to mine non-toxic bath time Las Vegas Now segment, There you will also find all information about these great products.

Ali Levine presents bath time products

Non-toxic bath time for children and adults

We all want the safest products for our babies, but what about us? I think we would all love both, so I've put together a list of three fabulous companies that make great nontoxic bath time products for women. Two are for babies and one is for us mothers!

Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief

We all know that babies have hypersensitive skin, and one of the best ways to protect them is to moisturize them, especially in the winter months. Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief This is done with a powerful blend of moisturizing ingredients, all of which are non-toxic. I use it with my Amelia all the time to protect her skin from dehydration and rash.

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My Little Twig selection is all about the bath time. I showed a super cute one Bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner gift set from Little Twig that I think makes a perfect gift for any new mom. This set is made of lavender to soothe the baby while napping or sleeping, and with natural ingredients we are happy to use it for our little ones.


If you haven't heard of Allyoos, I'm so glad you're here. They are a bi-coastal beauty brand that focuses on healthy and natural hair with herbal, organic ingredients. This is a non-toxic bath time for mom! Not only do they use non-toxic ingredients, they also have a super transparent manufacturing process, so we consumers know exactly what goes into their products and how they go inside.

In my Las Vegas Now segment, I have that Allyoo's quick one-step hair wash, I love it because it aims to clean my hair instead of just looking like it will clean my hair. The foam-free formula cleans and nourishes my hair without the toxic chemicals that are used to create foam.

Non-toxic bath time for everyone

Ali Levine with non-toxic bath products on the table

Bathing with the baby is so much fun and bathing for ourselves is so relaxing. Regardless of whether we bathe our little one or relax in a nice, hot shower, it is important that the products we use do not harm us. I was so happy to share these three non-toxic products with everyone and everyone who saw the Las Vegas Now segment. I love her and I think everyone else will too!

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