In a coastal apartment on the bank of Manly Interior Design

I always love to see the work of leading Australian interior design and architecture studios.

When a new apartment house by the sea in Sydney came to my desk by none other than Koichi Takada Architects and Mim Design, I knew it had to be featured here on the blog.

A new five-story building with six apartments has recently opened in Sydney’s Cabbage Tree Bay: arbor, Inspired by the view of the coast, the curved curves of the facade are reminiscent of the shape of the Manly coast and the waves of the ocean, while inside there is a panoramic view of the sea.

The apartments have a modern, minimalist design that is characterized by the luxury of space and the surrounding natural landscape Koichi Takada explained:

It’s really the Australian dream to live right on the water, surrounded by panoramic sea views and a lifestyle that is nothing short of a celebration of this spectacular setting.

While the bower apartments are equipped with the latest technology and home automation, these aspects of luxury remain subordinate to the spacious living rooms with sea views in a relaxed, natural environment. This goal? Minimize architecture to maximize nature, as Koichi Takada explains:

If you live in our design, our goal is that you don’t see our design. We call this invisible architecture. It calms you down in your most relaxed state of mind.

There is also a nice Japanese design influence in Bower, with the horizontally structured wooden panel that offers a view of the sea, while privacy is provided by the neighbors’ shielding on both sides.

Based in Melbourne Mim design underline Koichi’s commitment to the terms quality, beauty and simplicity with a range of materials made from natural and structural materials and a focus on clear lines and minimalist aesthetics. As Miriam Fanning, Mim Design Client explains:

We have placed great emphasis on creating the panoramic view of the sea and making it a breathtaking backdrop for our breathtaking, free-flowing living spaces.

So let’s take a look inside …

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