Willingness to learn and an open eye saved the couple from divorce – Linden Porter Marriage Counseling

I met this lovely couple a few months ago.

His desire to understand and learn how he can be there for his wife, how she needs it, opened up new opportunities for her.

His new focus helped her to relax and feel safe, to see new opportunities and an exciting future with her husband.

I am full of admiration for this couple who worked hard to understand each other on a deeper level and to give themselves what they both longed for. A close, connected relationship. It was a pleasure and a privilege to help them.

I recently received an email from you:

These are his words:

When I booked Linden for an introductory session, I wasn't nervous about the session itself, but because I knew it was the last glimmer of hope for my marriage. My wife had already told me there was no hope and we would see Linden just to work through the separation agreements. The environment in which you meet Linden is very peaceful and I immediately felt comfortable. After the first appointment something had changed, I couldn't say exactly what it was, how it was, only better. I have absolutely no doubt that my wife and I didn't go to Linden to separate us, and now it generally feels like we have a different life, it's new, exciting, and not just a temporary change ,

Linden has helped me and us, and some of the tools she has provided have also helped my working life. I cannot recommend Linden enough!

And now hers:

When we visited Linden for the first time, I had little hope or wanted to continue my marriage. From the moment I sat down, Linden assured me that she would not "fix" our relationship, but would help us "understand" how we got into the situation we were in. As soon as the first session was over I felt a sense of relief and within a week of that first session I started to think differently and be more open to my marriage. This led to further meetings, which now resulted in my husband and I not only remaining married, but also having a whole new, exciting and fulfilling dynamic. Linden relieved all the pressure I felt with just one session, and each session was like a moment with a light bulb. So simple but so effective and I cannot thank her enough.

If, like you, you would like to find out how to reconnect with your partner, please contact me.

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