9 low-waste ways to recycle and reuse at Christmas DIY

Unless you're new here, I'm about to sound like a broken record, but I love Christmas! Let's just remember that before we look at this post. But I have to admit that it can be an incredibly wasteful season. It's like the red or the blue pill. Once you see it, there is no going back. So in recent years I have curled up (no pun intended) and come up with a whole range of ideas for gifts with little waste.

DIY fastest fabric drawstring bag | @fallfordiy

Isn't every gift in a drawstring bag better? Make your own from scraps of fabric and save on wrapping paper this year – you can even customize them with your own stencils!

These small wastepaper baskets are a great way to create a small obstacle for leftover packaging. Maybe fill them with homemade beauty products like this sugar lip scrub or baked goods like these vegan star biscuits. I would be very happy about sweet treats as a Christmas gift!

This year my aloe vera plant was very successful and brought a lot of babies to life! I repotted them in new containers that I saved from our shed so that I am not currently making the most beautiful gifts. But I will conjure up some of these wrapping paper sacks and I have 14 gifts ready in no time! If you know me, you basically get one of them … surprise!

DIY Terazzo Style Soap Slices | @fallfordiy

I love making soaps for gifts (this year's DIY soaps are coming next week), but I always have small amounts of leftover soaps left. Don't throw them away! Instead, make these terrazzo soaps!

DIY Faux Embossed Gift Tags with Duck Ribbon | Fall for DIY

I made these gift tags last year, but the next day you threw them away. To save all the trees, this year I'm going to give them to someone special.

I'm not sorry.

DIY paper fan ornaments

These recycled paper stars have seen a storm this year. I love them as decorations and gift toppers!

DIY festive tree candles

It is the time of year to burn candles. Save the ends and give them a new life as these tree candles!

If you're not a gift wrapping prodigy, you're likely to end a packaging session with some trash lying on the floor. Resist the urge to throw them away and turn them into gift toppers instead!

DIY Stocking Wrapping Paper | @fallfordiy

This may be my favorite way to wrap gifts for no other reason than SO cute. However, I am right.

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