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Ways To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies At Home

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Fruit fly infestation is a very common problem on summer days that really annoys people, especially when they find these unwanted annoying insects on their favorite fruits or other foods. The good news, however, is that you can get rid of these little insects with a few simple means Tips to get rid of fruit flies at home.

Here you will learn some simple tricks to catch and kill these unwanted, annoying insects without using commercial pesticides. This means complete protection from these annoying insects without having to invest a penny as you can easily make these DIY pesticides or bins with things that are already available in your home.

These tiny insects primarily attack open and rotten food products and are harmless. This means that it doesn't cause infection, but your food will look really uncomfortable, which will cause you to lose interest in eating it automatically.

It can reproduce and live on damp clothes, garbage dumps, etc. Aside from that, ripe or rotten vegetables or fruit, or a spilled juice on the ground, can also be a mild infestation site for fruit flies.

Although fruit flies can grow all year round, they are very common and huge in the summer season. The life span of fruit flies is limited to just two weeks, but they can even live a few days longer if a more favorable environment such as a well-fermented drink etc. is available.

The fruit flies lay their eggs near the surface of ripe fruit and at one time they can lay about 500 eggs. Tiny larvae begin to feed on these fruits within 30 hours. After a week they are ready to fly in the air.

This is the highest time your kitchen is likely to be haunted by these annoying insects. To protect your fruits and vegetables and your entire home from these unwanted little insects, you can use homemade traps with some readily available ingredients that are not only safe but also highly effective.

Tips and tricks to get rid of fruit flies at home

fruit flies

glue trap


If you have problems with excessive fruit flies at home, try this sticky trap Trick that helps to easily catch these annoying insects.

Set up these traps in heavily infested areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, etc. The best thing about these yellow sticky traps is that there is no way out when the flies land on their surface.

Aside from that, these sticky traps also help you get rid of other commonly available pests in household areas such as whiteflies, mosquito mosquitoes, clothing, and moths.

Stale wine trap for fruit flies

Try this simple home remedy to get rid of serious housefly problems in your home. If you have a stale wine at home that you will no longer drink, there is good news for you. Yes, you understood absolutely correctly. You can build a simple housefly trap with your old or stale wine or beer residue.

To do this, you first need to pour stale wine into a container and then place that container in places where these annoying insects are infested. These tiny insects like the smell of wine very much. This is the reason why they are easily attracted to such a container and then cannot escape from your prepared trap.

As soon as the flies reach the surface of these liquids, they are easily drawn in. To make your liquid sticky so that the files stick to it easily, you can mix a certain amount of detergent that you use to wash your utensils. The addition of detergent makes this trap very effective. If you don't get a suitable container for catching fruit flies, you can also use the wine bottle itself as a container.

Aside from wine or beer, you can also use any fermented drink as a liquid ingredient to get rid of these unpleasant little insects in your home. The reason for the success of a fermented liquid trap is that these flies are attracted to a fruity-aromatic fragrance.

Apple cider vinegar trap for fruit flies

Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most common ingredients in the home, so you can easily get this DIY ingredient that is vinegar. Before you can prepare this DIY trap, you need to take a container with you to use as a trap to catch the annoying fruit files at home.

After that, you need to collect 2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar, a tablespoon of sugar, a few drops of washing up liquid and half a cup of warm water. Mix all of these ingredients in your container and stir well until the sugar dissolves in them.

Once your DIY trap is ready for use, place it in an area heavily infested with fruit flies such as your sink, etc. Within a few minutes you will find that your container is filled with several fruit flies that are easily attracted to vinegar. As soon as you enter a container, there is no way to escape because detergent does its job.

This way, you can easily get rid of the fruit fly problems at home without spending a single cent. In order to ensure that these flies do not stray in any area of ​​your home, you may need to place collecting containers filled with this vinegar solution in different areas of your home.

Do one Fruit fly trap with a bottle of soda

Bottle of soda

Do you have an empty bottle of soda? If so, don't throw it. You can use this as your capture solution to fix fruit fly problems in your home. You can use any kind of soda bottle, but coke bottle is considered more effective for this purpose.

First, use a hammer to make a hole in the plastic lid of the soda bottle. Leave your bottle with a few centimeters of soda in it and place it in the affected area.

You will soon find that several fruit flies soak into this bottle due to their attraction to the scent of soda. Once you see that your bottle is filled with enough fruit flies, change the lid of this bottle and put it through this bottle, which is quite far from your home, to solve the problem of these annoying tiny flies.

Although you cannot completely eliminate them all at once, you will need to use this trap several times in different parts of your home until you are certain that fruit flies are no longer attacked.

Use rotten fruit as your trap

Rotten fruits

Fruit flies like to smell like rotten fruits, as these develop from their natural fermentation over time. So you can use this effective ingredient as a DIY trap solution to catch and kill fruit flies at home.

Put some rotten fruit in a bowl or other container and cover with a plastic wrap. Pierce this plastic wrap to create a few tiny holes so that the fruit flies can easily enter the container but cannot escape.

As soon as these flies enter the container, they can easily get caught in them. Use this DIY trap in all affected areas of the house to get rid of fruit flies faster and more naturally.

Use yeast as a trap

Try this other effective remedy that can easily catch and kill multiple fruit flies at the same time. Yeast contains special properties that can easily attract these annoying flies and trap them in the solution.

To prepare this DIY trap, you need to fill or add a glass with warm water until it fills half of your glass. Then mix a teaspoon of sugar and a little dry yeast. Mix the solution until bubbles appear on the surface.

Cover the entire glass with a plastic wrap and insert tiny holes in it so that the fruit flies can easily penetrate the glass but cannot go out. Place this prepared DIY trap in severely affected areas of your home and stay ready to get rid of those annoying little insects.

Sprinkle some essential oils

Essential oils


Essential oils are rich in effective medicinal properties that you can use for many DIY solutions. Along with its beautiful aroma, by spraying these oils around your home, you can easily fend off those annoying flies from your home.

In order for this DIY remedy to kill the houseflies, use certain essential oils such as lavender oil, lemongrass oil, etc. The smell of these oils is repulsive to these tiny insects and prohibits their accumulation in one place.

To prepare this solution, you need to put 10 drops of one of the essential oils in 2 ounces of hot water in a spray bottle, and then spray this solution on all areas of your home, especially in heavily infested areas, to easily kill the houseflies.

Apply a hair dryer



This is one of the easiest and fastest solutions to get rid of fruit flies at home. Simply blow your hair dryer straight onto these tiny annoying flies. Leave your hair dryer switched on so that the air is easily blown away by the fan.

All fruit flies would be sucked in from another side of the blower by the suction process and burn out immediately by the internal heating. This fruit fly DIY trap is the fastest and fastest way to catch and kill multiple fruit flies at the same time.

Remove all hatcheries

The fruit flies usually breed in damp areas of your home. So, by removing or eliminating these breeding grounds, you can easily prevent the growth or infestation of these little annoying flies.

Avoid leaving ripe fruit on the counter

The smell of ripe fruit is very tempting for fruit flies due to its internal fermentation process. This is why once you keep ripe fruit on the counter, several flies appear in the air and you get annoyed. To eliminate this breeding ground, you should always keep all ripe fruit either in a paper bag on the counter or in the refrigerator.

In the cold environment, the ripening process slows down, which slightly limits the growth or breeding of fruit flies and allows you to enjoy your ripe fruit without worrying about these tiny insects.

Check all rotten food

Rotten foods like putrid vegetables in the kitchen etc. are another popular breeding ground for fruit flies. The smell created by fermentation of rotting onions, potatoes, or other fruits creates a favorable environment for these tiny flies to lay their eggs, which will soon turn into larvae and fly around.

You will be surprised that a single rotten fruit, vegetable or spilled fruit juice on the ground can be a breeding ground for thousands of these annoying flies. To eliminate this problem, cut off and discard any rotten fruits and vegetables before they are infested with thousands of these annoying little insects. Spill fruit juices, etc., immediately clean the floor to remove another breeding ground for fruit flies.

Handle wet clothes properly

Damp areas such as damp clothing can quickly give birth to thousands of fruit flies. To eliminate this common breeding ground for fruit flies, be careful not to improperly store your wet kitchen towels or other damp clothing. Spread it in sunlight so that it can dry easily and does not leave a vulnerable place for the growth of these annoying flies.

Also wash them every day to avoid the risk of fruit flies forming on them, which is quite possible with used and uncleaned kitchen towels, mops or similar items of clothing that occur in daily household chores.

Clean the drain regularly

Drains from kitchen sinks, in which rotted vegetables and fruit often accumulate during washing up, are another breeding ground for fruit flies. In order to eliminate this common breeding zone, you should frequently clean the drain of your kitchen sink with apple cider vinegar or ice.

Also, frequently turn on your kitchen fan to keep your kitchen dry and keep those annoying fruit flies away from your pantry.

Clean your dishes immediately

Unwashed dishes in your kitchen sink are another inexpensive breeding ground for fruit flies. The leftovers on your plates, bowls or accumulated water in a cup or other dishes immediately give birth to several fruit flies.

By wiping your dishes on time and keeping your kitchen sink dry and clean, you can easily eliminate a high hatching zone or a location in your home for fruit flies.

Try these precautions to avoid the usual breeding grounds for fruit flies and our real-time tricks Tips to get rid of fruit flies at home light.

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